Sunday, July 27, 2008

X-Files: I Want To Believe

I caught the movie on Friday night wondering how much I would like the movie. I watched X-Files for years as a child, glued to the TV, begging my mum to extend my bedtime for that one Sunday a week from 9.30-10.30pm on TV2. I have no idea how come I still remember those details except that that show was pretty big back then. So off I marched to the cinema to see what will take place and how much has changed after 6 years since the show went off air.

The movie picked up from where the show ended. Dr Dana Scully and Fox Mulder no longer work for the FBI. One day, Scully was approached by an FBI agent looking for Mulder to get his help in an investigation of a missing FBI agent. Mulder jumps right in with help from a physic who sees the missing person in his visions.

Now let’s see what the movie has:
Scully and Mulder – check
Scully’s red hair – check
Mulder eating his sunflower seeds – check
Lots of dark and night scenes – check

What the movie is missing:
A good story line
Extra terrestrial phenomenon
Suspense, thriller and that *magic* factor

When the physic first made an appearance, I thought that it was part of a bigger picture as I waited for something with more meat to show up. The whole idea behind X-Files was to investigate strange and unexplainable incidents, creepy creatures, aliens, bizarre underground experiments etc. However, this movie has none of those pull factors like the show had.

In fact, the movie has a number of loose ends which defeats the fact that the movie was suppose to conclude the mystery of X-Files. The lack of paranormal activities unearthed was quite disappointing. Not once did I grip my seat, heart pumped so hard and mind raced over what is going to happen next. There was just no anticipation or tension build up to the story line, so much so, I actually missed the climax if it had one.

Verdict: I would give the movie a miss. I really wanted to believe the movie was going to be brilliant with a huge impact the way it had me as a child.

So you know what I did on Saturday night? I watched The Dark Knight again!! *yippee*


Simon Seow said...

Will watch Dark Knight first then see whether want to watch X Files.

scituate said...

I would say wait until DVD. I didn't regret seeing it, because I'm not one of those fans who feels like they owe me a brilliant movie, but it was definitely a little weak.