Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've been spending a lot of time in front of the computer studying! and there are so many modules more to go but my exam is at 2.30pm so i have resorted to studying smart. i did the trial papers and noted popular chapters and dive straight into reading those chapter's materials. and i scored a 50% average too. not bad!

and i still have so many pictures from rainforest to upload.

am no longer missy-swollen-face, now just missy-slightly-swollen-face. will write more about what actually happened once i do have the time.

im so outdated with movies. i have yet to catch hancook, then there is the dark knight and journey to the centre of the earth. am thinking of doing a movie marathon. now, who do i ask along? hhmmm....

ok, i gtg. back to hitting the books... er... modules online. all the best to me.

ooh ooh, one last thing. my results came out while i was in kuching. i hv checked it and i'm really happy i did better than expected. so hurray, i'm trully and officially a graduate! can't wait for my graduation ceremony. which reminds me, i still havent decided what to wear for that BIG day.



Azzam?? said...

nevermind other movies.. u really have to watch The Dark Knight! excellent!! i haven't watched hancock yet, but ppl say it's so so lah..

btw... what exam you're doin now huh??

Ohkulala said...

its a pre-contract exams for insurance. am taking it not to become an agent but its a good way to "force" myself to learn bout insurance itself.

ooh, and guess what, my frens must hv read my mind and im gonna watch the dark knight later tonight. yippee!!