Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight

It was as if my friends read my mind. Just minutes after writing about how outdated i am in movies, Ah Ken msged me asking if i'm up for Dark Knight. I leapt up and down for joy coz I really wanted to catch the movie, already dubbed one of the best blockbusters of the year.

The Dark Knight was BRILLIANT! Everyone who is anyone should drop everything you're doing right now, bring along your wallet, head towards the nearest cinema and go watch is freakishly absorbing movie. If you dont, well, dont let me know. *laughs*

I refused to read the reviews for the movie because reviews always Always disappoint me. I've watched a number of movies which were considered average and found them really good. And the worst kind is those the critics say is a fantastic film but turned out disappointingly under mark. So i wanted to watch this without any expectation and hope to enjoy it immensely from start to end.

And i did. I love the cast, the witty dialogue, the Joker which i think was beautifully and majestically played to perfection by Heath Ledger (oh why must you die!). I would put this movie along the ranks of Transformer and Iron Man.

I'm not going to spoil the movie for those who have yet to watch it. But the RM9 or 10 or however much you pay for tickets these days is worth every cent. Now what are you waiting for. *Shoo*shoo* go head to the cinema NOW!


Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

ho ho i say it beat iron man and trasnformers purely for an even better storyline :P

Anonymous said...

all food :P
eat all the time here
did u went to tat hennesy event?

i on the other side cant attend...
seem like so much fun over there

Cybermate said...

I have watched it! I have watched it! I have watched it!

It's so DARK!

Ohkulala said...

linora: lol. yeah, thinking bout it, dark knight does beat transformers and iron man

ren: no la, i didnt get an invite to the hennesy event :(

cybermate: yay! another fan :)

[YeOp] said...

Perfect FIVE for The Dark Knight!