Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pain Pain Go Away

And never ever come again this way.

I'm in A LOT of pain after my surgery. It farking hurts like crazy and the right side of my face is swelled up. Now i know how i look like if i put on mega weight. I feel as if a vicious animal struck its claws into my flesh piercing every bit of skin, picking the bits and pieces of its "dinner".

I cant think straight. Tears well up in my eyes. The painkillers aren't working so well and something in my medication is making me really really drowsy. I feel i'm in a daze, totally unfocused.

I can barely type this out. I hope the pain subsides soon enough. Aaarrggghhh..... my high tolerance for pain has failed me. I pray for the best.


Azzam?? said...

you okay there Cool?

Kimberlycun said...

kul why suddenly surgery one!??? you ok!?

Ohkulala said...

azzam: still not ok :(

kimberlychun: its a dental surgery to remove a wisdom tooth. but due to its location, it was a very complicated procedure. and its really painful :(:(:(

- yuhhui - said...

wisdom tooth? Wow.. you lost your wisdom!! Kidding. well, hope you have a speedy recovery! Take loads of rest yea.

Ohkulala said...

yuh hui: lol. thanks. am trying to get all the rest i can :)