Monday, June 30, 2008

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Now that I’m in a job hunt, I have to get myself prepped up for interviews. It is important to be prepared because it will show when the interviewers asks you questions and giving blank looks aint going to earn you any brownie points. When I was studying, looking for a job didn’t seem so hard. All I thought I had to do was send in my resumes to a few companies and wait for their call. Boy, I was wrong! Just sitting and waiting did not get my anywhere so a different approach has to be taken. More initiative into calling and emailing them expressing my interest works better than just waiting.

So here’s a few tips for attending interviews:

1. Resume & Cover Letter – make sure they are spelling and grammatically error free. It doesn’t give a good first impression to note mistakes on your “selling point”. This is afterall the first document the HR department receives prior to scheduling to meet you for an interview.

2. Company Background – This can be found mainly on their website. The amount of information may be overwhelming but the key items to look for is the company history (which country are they from and current headquarters) and company mission

3. Attire – dress to impress. First impressions count very heavily as you may only see your interviewer once and it’s best to create a good hence positive and lasting impression. Invest in a pair of black shoes, slacks and a good fitting collared shirt. Ties should match the attire and pls skip those sleezy smiley faces ties, those will not work! Girls, do not wear make-up 3 inches thick unless you’re applying for a job that has such requirements.

4. Be prepared with answers. Some questions will pop up and it’s best to be prepared. Popular questions include:

a) Tell us about yourself.

b) Why did you choose our organization?

c) Your strength and weaknesses

d) Why should we hire you over the next qualified person?

Answer with sincerity and while it is great to highlight on your strengths and keen interest, do not exaggerate as you may come across as a show-off or arrogant.

Well, that should set you up for a decent interview. One more very very important thing to note, Be On Time. Its alright if you’re early but never come in late. In a case of emergency, it is best to call and give them a heads up. Interviewers also have their jobs to do and can’t spend the whole day waiting. If they do and seem snappy, you know why. Good luck then!

PS: I was in the newspapers again, on New Straits Times last Saturday for the Made of Honour Premiers. Will blog bout it later :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Neighbour Boy

It was like how it is every morning. Sophie spotted the boy at the corner of her eye while she pretends to be busy at the lawn. She sees him walk past her house when he heads off to class clad in jeans, a t-shirt and a sling bag by his shoulders.

She never noticed him all this while until 3 days ago when she was frantically taking the clothes in while the heavens opened up the skies into a sudden thunderstorm. In her frenzied attempt to save the dried clothes from getting wet, she felt it was rather rude when she heard someone chuckling at her while walking by. “How dare him?” she thought and huffed off.

After that fateful day of rain and chuckle, Sophie noticed Neighbour Boy for the second time. And since she didn’t know his name, she decided to call him Nathan. Sophie was quick to note his height standing at roughly 6 feet, fair complexion, sharp nose, clean shaven, silky black hair combed to the back showing off his high forehead, sturdy arms and a muscular build. Oh, and how could she not mention his chiseled jaw which reveals two very deep dimples when he flashes a bright smile. Nathan oozes charm and charisma and Sophie’s pulled to him like metal to magnet.

“There is something about him” she thought and a tiny curve appeared on her mouth. “Don’t I sound silly? We’ve not even said a word to each other and here I am thinking how cute my neighbour is.”

The game of pretend is one of Sophie’s forte and she used it to her best of her ability. Timing was essential and she soon learned that he heads to class the same time when she’s done with her laundry. And that he gets back home in the evening as she waters the plants. So twice a day, on stolen glances, Sophie sees her Neighbour Boy.

Unlike Sophie, Nathan’s “acting” skill is below average to a kind person and many a times Sophie caught Neighbour Boy looking at her with quizzical eyes. The games didn’t hold for long because soon enough both were smiling knowingly to each other and the occasional nods of acknowledgement.

Sophie was getting her mail from the mail box when a strong gush of wind snatched an envelope bringing it dancing in thin air. She tried reaching out for it until the gate became a barricade and the letter was beyond her grasp anymore. Someone caught her envelope and Sophie heaved a sigh of relief. She looked up to see Nathan with her letter clutched in his hand walking towards the house. Sophie’s heart beat faster with every step he took closer.

“Hi, I believe this is yours.”
“Yes, thank you”
“You’re welcomed.”
He took out his hand.
“My name is Syed”
“Hi Syed, I’m Sophie.”
“Pleased to meet you.”

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I got a jab!

My sister and I have yet to get chicken pox all this years despite my mum’s repeated attempts to get us infected. Among such ingenious methods include making us play with her friend’s children who have chicken pox hoping we would get it. But yet it didn’t work. Our immune system must be heck of a powerful huh. Hehe….

Well, Sis S’s best friend contracted the *horror* chicken pox not too long ago and when my mum saw her condition, it shocked her to see how adverse the effects could be on a slightly grown up child. The scars were bad and she took a much longer time to recover. So we’re getting inoculated against it.

I had my first jab today. The doctor insisted i not look while i got my jab. I breathed in, breathe out. Nothing. Then breathe in .... oooowwww!!!! and breathe out. I was glad it was over so fast. It was alright, like a sting of a red ant. No scars, no bumps and my arm functions just fine. Phew...

I'll get my second dose on the 25th of August (2 months from now). And when I looked at my card, I smiled coz 25th is a day after my graduation ceremony. All things happen at the same time huh.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hair Cut and Cost Cuts

I did one of the most random things today. Well, it is not outrageously random unless you're me. Coz you see, i got myself a hair cut. Yes, a cut, not a mere trim as i regularly do. I was thinking of getting a new hairstyle, preferbably something shorter as my hair is in its longest length ever grown and i'm in need of some change.
So while chit chatting with my mum today, i had this sudden urge to get myself a new hairstyle. And i'm the sort of person who has to go out doing something right when i feel like it. If i were to wait and further think, i usually end up not accomplishing it. So i changed and headed off to the salon immediately.
I must say i was a teeny tiny nervous about the haircut coz i've not had short hair for many many years. So i told my hairstylist Ron (who is so cute btw) that i'm putting my faith in him to make me look nice. Lol. You should have seen the look on his face when i said that. Plus i couldnt get something funky in case i need to attend job interviews.
Anyhow, here's how my hair now looks like. I've not spotted hair this short since i was 12!! I quite like the cut, simple and absolutely no-maintenance. I need a break after one year of taking care of my curls.
Tadaaaa.... the new haircut

And speaking of short hair and the current hike of petrol prices, i'm already doing my part. Shorter hair means less shampoo and less water therefore less expenditure. Smart right? *laughs*

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nuffnang's Wild "Live" Party

“Animals” of all nature were seen walking around like you and me in Modestos last Saturday. You can hear Roars, Mooos and Meows all over the place. The situation was however rather controlled as all animals were well behaved and well fed. What actually happened that day? Oh, you haven’t heard? Where have you been all this while? It was Nuffnang’s Wild “Live” Blogging party powered by Maxis Broadband you silly. *laughs*
Anyhow, here’s Clair the peacock reporting back to the animal kingdom after a lovely night out with the mortal beings. Wussy the Pussy couldn’t make it as he was sent on another secret mission elsewhere. I would say my mission went successfully. Never once was I mistaken for an actual animal. The peacock outfit worked beautifully. I have to thank Ah Tes for the magnificent work. *hugs*
Now, let’s get the show rolling.

With JB

With Joshua

With Ah Kie and Shad

With fellow Peacock

With Kenny Sia the Pooh

With Suet Li the ostrich

Ohkulala, Ah Kie, Linora, Min Li & Nick

With Liang, the host of the night

With Garreth aka Shaolin Tiger

With Amanda

With Su Ann

With Ah Kie and Debra

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Polyvore lets you mix and match images from anywhere on the web, to create outfits, interior designs, or any kind of collage. It is really fun to see what can you put together from stores online to assemble a complete outfit from head to toe. It is like going shopping but you do it virtually. Here you can buy literally everything; tops, blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, shorts, accesories (bangles, earrings, bracelets, necklaces) shoes, sandals etc etc. So if you dont have the cash to shop but in need of some retail theraphy, hop here and have a good amount of guilt-free and non-empty wallet fun.

Watch the tutorial on how to create your very own Polyvore

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Club at Loft @ Zouk

I don’t club all that much but when I do, my favourite place is Loft@ Zouk. Everyone there practically lives in their own world. Loft becomes the centre of the universe uniting all individual planets together in one space sharing their love for music, fun and dance.

Ah Sha and I

I see people dressed in all sorts of outfits, you can spot the fashionistas, the funky, the weird, the afros, the hip-hoppers, the sixties and just about anything you can imagine here. It’s like a mini world from all sorts of generation and future fashion statements. And the best part is you look cool no matter what you wear, just jeans and a t-shirt will do and you will fit right in. That’s what I like so much about the place. Individualism sense of style and dressing prevails here and no one cares what you’re wearing. Like I said, you will somehow look cool anyways.

Music is the binding force and glue to the place and if you like music enough, the pleasure exudes will be one of orgasmic force. I’m only there on Fridays to catch Twilight Actiongirl (TAG) consisting of DJs Bunga, Chaseylain (Keropok’s brother btw), Ribut 10:59 and Xu. The description of their music is Britpop, eletroclash, transientrockamuchasomthinboutmary but music is too broad to define so here’s how I put it. They share a passion for every genre so us Lofters can expect plenty of surprises when they play music. From The Killers and Franz Ferdinand to James Brown to Miss Kittin, everyone’s bound to get their music fix whenever Twilight Actiongirl is behind the decks.

DJ Chaseylain in Action

Xu’s my darling among all because he churns out the best electronica tunes, very my taste of music. Non-Lofters should never ever see me when he plays a familiar tune coz I would be screaming my lungs away, singing, swaying, jumping up and down like an Energizer Bunny and ultimately dancing away. The adrenaline rush keeps me pumping all night and no amount of coffee can give me such boost. As with the fashion sense, dancing is self defined. One of the best dancers I know is Keropok and boy he can move!

After months of not grooving to the Loft’s beat, Ah Sha and I finally made our way to Loft@ Zouk last week for a wonderful night out. I really missed going there and it’s not the clubbing or the dancing part that I miss but the very place itself had me longing to go there. See, that’s the magic of the place, it captivates you and the drawing factor is strong that you keep wanting to go back for more. It feels like an addiction of sorts, some people cannot live without their daily dose of coffee, while I live for the next moment to go to Loft and TAG.

Booze are cheap by KL standards. You can get a jug of margarita for RM25, 2 jugs of Long Island Tea for RM80 and this new concoction of stout, lime and wine (I forgot its name *horror*) for RM40 a jug. And of course they have all the alcohol you would expect from a club. How could i not mention this other thing... if you come before 12 midnight, there is no cover charge. Woo Hoo!! More reasons to love the place :)

I can't wait to get there again. I miss you Loft..... And the club is the best way to learn to work your shutter speed and flash of your camera so that you can CAMWHORE!!

Oh, did i mention famous people club here too? *Laughs*
Ah Sha here with the dude from One Buck Short.

I *heart* Loft.

The Loft @ Zouk
Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Cover charge: Free Entry before 12am (clubbing for free people!!)
Rm20 including 1 drink (Ladies / Men) after 12AM.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Memoirs of St David's High School Part 3

The final installment. Click to read Part 1 and Part 2

Form 5
This was a year of fire and pressure. Becoming the charter President of Stargate Club was daunting. Stargate was a club aimed at creating and teaching adolescent sexual reproductive health (ASRH) or as most people put it; sex education. We were funded under a project by the International Planned Parenthood Federation Association in Japan and this came under the umbrella of the Family Planning Association Melaka (FPAM). It was a huge deal because we’re the first club of such nature in the country. Only 2 more clubs of its kind existed, one each in Japan and Bangladesh. But most people are not concerned with the background. The fact that this is new to everyone cause a lot of stir in classrooms and the teacher’s lounge.

I remember a teacher walking into my classroom one day asking for the Stargate President. I stood up and she gave me one heck of a look and then launched into what felt like a 20 minute lecture of how teaching students on ASRH will encourage them to go out and have sex, it pollutes the mind of young people, etc etc. I think she was short of saying she’s ashamed of having a student like me and how could I look at myself at the mirror everyday for what I’m doing and the possible mayhem I create.

That was tough and the pressure immense having to deal with people judging me and the members of the club. Some ran a mile while others approached us with their dilemmas. I heard the snickers behind my back but the occasional pat on my shoulders was good enough to erase all bad memories.

Asides that, there were the fun moments. For an unexplainable reason, I was good a History although I didn’t like the subject. In fact, to avoid studying for it, I concentrated in class so that I don’t have to do revision at home while a majority of the class would be completing homework from the more “important” subjects like biology, chemistry, physics or additional mathematics. I hated it so much I only studied History the night before my tests and exams. So J.Lo called me up the night before our History trial paper asking which chapters was I studying for and she’ll do the same.

When the teacher came to pass back our results, she wasn’t so happy because we didn’t do as well as expected. And there I was speaking at the top of my voice complaining very loudly that the paper was freaking hard, tricky, vague questions and whatever lame excuse I could pull of. She then proceeded to give out those who scored 90% and above. “First with 98% is Popeye, 95% CHS, 94% Ohkulala, 92%....” Holy cow, I scored again and this time J.LO was not so cool because despite studying the exact same chapters, she scored only half my score!

So I was the first president for stargate. There is another first and this time it is about something slightly different. Add Math was a subject I never got till today but being in Form 5 kinda got me to work at it harder. During the first monthly test, I actually scored my first A1 in it! So came the next test, I was set on maintaining my grade. Imagine when the teacher fumed into class saying that she was disappointed. 2 failures spoilt her reputation for 100% passes in class. Oh boy, she was really really angry.

So when she called the second name out, I calmly took my paper and it was not till I got back to my seat that I realized I was one of her students who put her through such shame. The measly 38% was a huge slap on my face for I have never ever failed anything in my life before. I didn’t see it coming, I have always danced with 40-60% average but to fail was unacceptable. What made it harder was the fact the teacher harped about it for the entire 40 minute lesson and before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face as I wrote down exercises in my note book. I felt so embarrassed, ashamed, shocked, disappointed, upset, disbelief, hopeless with that one failure. I felt scared, really scared for the first time thinking I had overestimated my ability to actually pass the paper and with SPM around the corner, I was a little kitten trapped at the corner of 2 walls with a person approaching with a butcher’s knife in his hand. I don’t remember crying so painfully inside before. When Kenny gave me a hug, I soaked his coat wet with all my tears.

That only made me more determined to do better the next time. i was determined to get the best scholarships in the country to pursue my accounting degree in the UK. I had this dream for the longest time and I didn’t want a poor grade for SPM to stop me. A lot of studying was involved especially with my 2 weakest subjects, biology and add maths.

My mum then came up with a brilliant plan, to organize a prom night. With a small committee for 4 people, we had a blast of a time planning and organizing it. In fact, we talked and planned and had lots of day dreaming done during Azman tuition. No wonder I almost never got my work done on time. It was so nice to see everyone all dressed for the occasion looking pretty and handsome. The first of such party and it was a roaring success.

Verdict: Work hard, play hard

So there are my five years of secondary education in St David’s High School. The school may not look fancy with new furniture, the old paint and grey hallways but this is the school that made me grow up and prepared me for what the real world would be like. You don’t always get what you want and sometimes you get them in a different package. It is the teachers who are dedicated to their profession, true friends who stick to you through thick and thin and the enriching experiences ill never forget that makes the school very special. I love St David’s with all my heart and I would love to give back to the school who taught me some very important life lessons for here stands a true proud St Davidian.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Memoirs of St David's High School Part 2

Continuation from my previous post
Form 3
It was a serious year with most of the class jokers and clowns missing in action. Teachers complained the class is too quiet, a first in history! And not wanting to be part of a different history, I studied hard and put in a lot of effort in my work. 2 years back, the entire first class of the form scored straight As for PMR except for one girl and I wanted to make sure that I’m not that girl. We did better than our immediate seniors. Yay! A good rub in their faces :P. To explain this would take a much longer post.

A huge misunderstanding with the Empat Kawan Baik ensued and was never quite solved by the end of the year.

Verdict: No fun and no play made 3A1 a boring class

Form 4
I became a prefect where probations were tough. One morning, I had a feeling something was going to go wrong. It was not till halfway through duty I realized I forgot to keep my liquid paper in my pocket with me. And the seniors conducted a spot-check on us and my liquid paper was confisticated. I felt my face burn as the names were read out one by one of who was caught with possession with the most illegal item in school. Oh, such shame and embarrassment. I was sure I would have been fired but since everyone had outstanding records of duty, we were let go with a stern warning. Phew…

The class magazine was the class moment of glory and joy. Budak Cerah was elected Editor and I became the assistant. We had a great time writing articles, collecting funds, marketing our hard work and sweat to the other schools and make a whooping profit!

Politics became a game as everyone was vying for top positions in their respective clubs. Afterall, doing academically well alone is not sufficient. The stiff competition had a repulsive side; friends back-stabbing, hypocrisy, ass-suck-ups and the popularity contest. Integrity was something I held steadfastly but with the unfortunate way of the world, sometimes the good people end last.

Most advisors give students a free hand at running the clubs with minimal supervision. The good part about this is that we learn how to work things out on our own independently. The downside is because of their lack of involvement, they don’t really know who to pick to take over the club for the next term and leave that decision up to the president and his board of directors A club which I cherish was taken over by an inexperienced member who was clueless to run the club. The person was chosen because he was such good friends with past president who had a hand in nominating candidates.
In some cases, some truly deserving people were sidelined because they don’t do “apple polishing”. And then there were the outstanding ones who got every bit they should for their terrific work. All in all, politics was a dirty game and with it being so blatant in front our eyes, some could claim lack of knowing pledging blindness. Sheesh
Verdict: Have fun but watch your back

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Memoirs of St David's High School Part 1

I remember vividly the day I enter the compound of St David’s High School. I took a deep breath in as I took my first steps into what is to be my high school for the next 5 years. I could not conceal my apprehension as I looked around. The school is outrageously a far cry from my primary school which had beautiful gardens with flowers of many colours, buildings which look new and kept and creative murals painted on the empty walls along the hallways. What I saw was enough to make me cry for the poor state of the school. I told my mum many times, I don’t think this is the place for me.

St David’s High School to a Form One student looked worn out with multi-coloured buildings of the oddest shade of blue, green and brown. I noticed the old furniture, wooden brown tables filled with grafitti, liquid paper marks, formulas of all nature, cursing, unsent love letters, carvings and just about anything that could be scribbled on the wooden piece called a desk. The chairs were plastic, a hideous shade of green with some chairs missing a leg when students with lack of fun decides to take it out on the poor chair. The paint on the walls of the school were peeling, as if it was tearing and saying, I’m crying a silent cry as hordes of students walk past me, brush against me, print footprints, spray paint and write on me when they vent out their teenage anger and frustrations.

A part of my looked at the school judgmentally. I could have gone to another school and be with all my friends. And that school is most definitely nicer, newer with better facilities. I hard a time picturing students who came and studied here in St. David’s with so little the school had to offer. I really miss the luxuries of coming from a Sekolah Harapan Negara (an award given to some of the best schools in the country) where everything is top notch compared to the pitiable state of my high school.

So thus begins my journey as a St Davidian.

Form 1
It is tough enough with my school being so completely different from primary school, I had no friends. Most of my friends went to either boarding schools or the neighboring high school. Mum put me here instead. She believed it is good to make new friends and learn to adapt and of course, St David’s is famous for churning out top students who go very far in life. I never really paid attention to what she said. I thought this was just some “promotional” gimmick she had. And so I stayed.

Making friends isn’t supposed to be hard right? But the one thing I never had problem in before became a problem. Everyone was so different and in my personal opinion, different in a very bad way. The boys were extremely childish, running around and playing catch and chasing with some of the other girls (OMG!!!), curse like nobody’s business (why is saying f**k and bas**** so acceptable) and stayed close to their cliques as most of them are friends from their primary school.

To add spice to the curry, many couldn’t place me, I didn’t look malay, Chinese or Indian so I was called Bangla. Everytime someone called me that, it sliced my heart like a never healing wound not allowed to heal and the cut just grew deeper and deeper with time. While everyone found it funny, let me tell you this, it was NOT!

The whole year was miserable. I felt no sense of belonging, I didn’t like most people in class for various reasons and those I didn’t have reason to not like were not very friendly or approachable. Almost everyday was a dread and I asked countless time to be shifted out of school because I hated it here. Alas, those words fell on deaf ears. I longed for the day I could go back to who I was with my own clique.

I did eventually make some friends. DG and gang were my first few. We used to hang out at the canteen because we all took the bus to school and arrived almost an hour earlier before school starts. Thank heavens school was in the afternoon session. I can’t imagine being in school also sleepy eyed at 6.30 am. Then there was the girl who sat next to me, known to all as Raj Fowler. She wore an easy breathing stripe as Robbie Fowler the footballer did. Kenny, my friend from primary school and Ketam, the only one who approached me the first day of school.

Ketam: Hey, how come you’re taller than me ah?
Kul: Eermm, I don’t know.
Ketam: I was the tallest person in my primary school
Kul: So was I.
Ketam: Wah lau wei (an expression of shock and / or amazement), girl taller than me man. I don’t care; I’ll beat you to that one day.

Yeah, our first conversation wasn’t about our names and where were we from. It was about a height issue but from then onwards, we became great friends.

Verdict: A year of being lost and completely hopeless.

Form 2
After the 2 month semester break, I was not looking forward to going back to school and facing the same people again. This time around I actually had the option of switching schools but I figured I’ll need to learn to fit in instead of running away.

There was a lot of excitement on the first day of school for we are now in the morning session with the seniors. And to my utmost surprise, girls I didn’t talk to asked me how my holidays were and all of us were there shrieking in laughter exchanging holiday stories. It was a great start and I beamed with glee.

So I made a lot more new friends this time around and it felt wonderful. I guess I was too harsh and quick to judge. And I found out why no one approached me. I apparently looked unapproachable, stuck-up and since I was tall and wore those “ballerina” Bata shoes, they assumed I was, well, arrogant and too high and mighty for anyone else *horror*

High school crushes loom across the hallways and corridors. One caught my fancy and another fancied me. It is pretty cute to think of all that had taken place, the little notes and calls on the phone, quick glances when we bump into each other in school. The pretending of not knowing one another to keep the rumours down and becoming dates at the school dance and nights. Cute and totally high school.
Verdict: New friends and crushes

Since this is such a long post already, the second half will be continued tomorrow.

Monday, June 16, 2008

St.David's High School Reunion

My beloved high school, St David's High School (SDHS) will be organising an alumni dinner this Saturday 21st June in the school hall. The dinner is organised by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to collect funds to renovate the Canteen and Khoo Wing block which are in need of repair.
I first heard of this from Sis S. Initially i had the impression it was only a gathering for the most immediate batch. But when i went to school today, i got more information from the teachers. The event is an open event to all ex-St Davidians irrespective of batch. The dinner costs RM25 which is a tiny sum to give back to the school. And i really hope all ex-students would come and help support the event.
The school means a lot to me for i have done a substantial amount of growing up here. Ill talk about this more in my next post. So come one, come all for the event. Mrs Yap aka Puan Tan is incharged of tickets and reservation. I'm helping her spread the word. Anyone interested to come could kindly contact me nor email me at Pls Pls Pls do tell everyone you know because the school and PTA are relying very heavily on word of mouth for the event. And seeing that the alumni dinner is this saturday, we're running out of time.
You want to know SDHS? Click here, here and here. There are also 2 Facebook Groups for SDHS students' *click* and *click*

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Made of Honour Part 2

Here's an extension of the previous post on Made of Honour (MOH) Gala dinner. This post will be more picture orientated. You will see pics of the gifts and goodies I received from winning best dressed couple, the whole gang, other bloggers i met, and after party at Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Starhill etc etc camwhoring with Le Gang. Enjoy!

Ah Kie with Robb Chew of Nuffnang

with David Lai, renowned magician and Uni-mate

With Ah Kie and Shaolin Tiger (love his height!)

Traffic Stopper: Crossing the road across Pavilion at Bukit Bintang

With Ah Tes the Fashion Designer

Jay-walking with Ah Sha

Ooohh.... the sexy legs of Ah Sha and the very talented Ah Tes

Friday, June 13, 2008

Made of Honour Gala Night & Exclusive Premier

I had a most amazing night yesterday at the exclusive premier of Made of Honour courtesy of Hong Leong Bank. It was at the glitzy JW Marriot where the uber-ness of the place speaks for itself. Food was good and the company excellent. You cant get any better with the whole gang (Ah Kie, Ah Sha & Ah Tes) decked out in our finest for the evening. Free flow of drinks and what we mistook as champagne (turned out it was sparking juice which was deliciously sweet with strawberries) and loads of camwhoring.

Seeing it is also my first Nuffnang party, it was exciting to see the bloggers whom I follow their blogs in person. Linora was a bubbly as i kinda expected her to be. Garreth is extremely tall, gosh I love his height. Saw loads of others like KY, Fireangel, Kinky Blue Fairy, Ringo and the list is endless. Everyone who is anyone in the blogsphere was there so you get the idea yeah.

Well, now ill leave you with pictures to do the rest of the talking. If a picture paints a thousand words, these are worth a novel. *laughs*


Le Gang (L-R): Myself, Ah Tes, Ah Kie & Ah Sha

Su Ann aka Pink Pau & I

Ah Kie and I doing something fun - checking people out. I think this was where we spotted the hawt model *heart melts*

Oh, you know what else was super awesome; Ah Kie and I won Best Dressed Couple!!!
Ah Kie and I accepting our pressies for Best Dressed Couple
"The Couple"

The conversation below is simply hilarious when Kimberly walked up to us at the end of the night.

Kim: Congrats on winning the Best Dressed Couple. Hey, are you guys dating? (looking at Ah Kie and me)

Ah Kie: Define dating

Kim: Eermm, you know, like seeing one another.

At this point, I couldn’t control my laughter anymore.

Garreth aka Shaolin Tiger: Well Kim, Ah Kie blogs at Queer Rant

Kim: Huh, what??

Garreth: Queer Rant

Kim: Oh F**k!!

All the money in the world cannot take away the shock on Kim’s face. And Ah Kie, yeah, we’re both spoiling each others chances of you-know-what if people think we’re dating. So yes, Ah Kie and I are friends. Ah Kie, we shall leave out the course-mate story huh.

We wore Ah Tes’ batik design which were simply lovely. The amount of attention garnered was unbelievable. Ah Tes was absolutely cool bout me walking (without lifting the skirt up) when we crossed the Bukit Bintang street over to Pavilion for the movie. Imagine all the stares we got when patrons see a stream of people all beautifully dressed walking around. In the case of Ah Kie and I, adorned in designer wear. Don’t play-play people.

All in all, it was a night to remember. Thank you so much Ah Kie dear for getting me into taking part in the fishing competition, I would have completely regretted it otherwise. A special mention to Ah Tes for dressing me up. I love love love the skirt!

The beautiful skirt by Ah Tes