Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ryan turns dua puluh lapan

Ryan's birthday was a very simple affair. We had dinner with his best friends at Secret of Louisiana located at the Plaza Kelana Jaya. And after that we went crazy with the camera. Here are some of the shots that came up:

The birthday party
Someone caught us sneaking
Just me and you :)

In an attempt to avoid a collision that didnt work out

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heading to East Malaysia

It's been forever, i know. But there is just wayy to many things that have happened to start all over. So ill skip over the months and get to the point, I'll be moving to Miri. When i first got the news, i was surprised. Stunned and rather unpleasantly too.

However, in preparing to go there, I'm actually a little excited. I would definitely make the best use of my time there. I think of it as a blessing, i just don't really know what is it exactly. But i am certain that there is a reason for me to go to Miri, things dont just happen at random. Maybe it is to teach me something, get me closer to nature, work on fitness on a more sports basis.

I've got a tonne of plans in my head though i would like to be a lil realistic about them. I figured i should give myself some time to familiarize with Miri and also the workload before i dive in into dance class, singing lessons, language class, holidaying here and there, exploring caves etc.

Miri, here i come. I look forward to meeting you on Oct 27th :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Room Makeover!!

Some many months ago, I moved house. Actually, it's hardly called a move, I just shifted exactly 11 doors down from where I used to live. But anyways, 11 or 101 doors, it involved lots of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. This time around, I was determined to have a more cosy looking room. I shopped for lots of ideas from Ikea and also browsed through the volumes of interior design magazines I borrowed / coxed (very very nicely) Ryan into buying. *smiles with glee*.

The final piece of the makeover came from the Lusty carpet I wanted sooooo much from Ikea. And that came true when I brought mum and dad to Ikea. Them feeling very generous that day decided they could help me purchase it! Yay!!!

After the many many months of the make over, I've not posted the pictures up. The room does not look fancy but I love it to bits! Take a peek*

Right side of room

Left side of room

The siesta spot

Inspiring Music from Body Balance

One of my most favourite class at gym is Body Balance. The first few times of class had me really pushing myself very hard to stay balanced. I had the "shivering" legs and knees, which of course the instructor said was part of learning. Once i got over that stage, I now can stand without actually wobbling all over.

But having a great workout itself is only one part of it. The reason that i find the class a must-not-miss is the music! The song selections are marvelous and most of all, inspiring. Let me share with you my top 2 tracks:

It's Amazing by Jem

Look No Further by Dido

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet Queenie

I met her while walking to the LRT station heading to the airport on a bright Monday morning. She was smack in the middle of the road and neighbours grouped around to admire her. She must have been afraid or still shaky because she didn’t budge even when cars honked her. And no wonder she attracted a crowd, she looks really cute. I paused to look at her.
5 days later as I was exiting home, something darted out of under the car. It was small, brown and it yelps. I turned around to find her staring in my face and boy, was I surprised. “Where in the world did you come from?”


Later my housemate Peter told me the whole story. Apparently she followed Peter back home when he came back from work and refused to leave. He felt pity for her, she was scared, hungry and all alone. So he figured, he’ll give some time for her to be found. Perhaps her owners are around looking all over for their adorable cute puppy. He’s been giving her food, shelter and most of all, love and attention. That is how Queenie came about to our home.
No one should be fooled by Queenie’s innocent looks. She’s really smart. The moment she hears the sound of keys from inside, she would be waiting at the door expecting someone to play with her. And she has an obsession for footwear, it could be anything – a sport shoe, slipper, sandals… those are her favourite play things. Now we keep all our shoes inside lest they become one with her digestion juices.


She has recently overcome her need for shoes but this time replaced with one far worse – our fingers! She loves snapping at them. But still, she’s very lovable. I have overcome my fear of dogs in one day since she arrived. Though Ryan would beg to differ when he had to console me several times that Queenie’s “attack” on my feet is merely play. I missed her very much when I was away for a week.
It is the nicest feeling to come home every day with her greeting me at the door, tail wagging hard. Playing with her is an excellent way to work out too, within 15 minutes, I’m drenched in sweat equivalent of my 2km run.


Now, she’s being taught basic commands like sit. I should also teach her how to spit things out. A couple of days back, my keys fell to the floor as I locked the door, she made a quick dash for it and happily left leaving me trapped inside my own house. She has the naughty moments like that but still nowhere close to Marley. Most of all, she’s well loved.