Saturday, February 27, 2010

Room Makeover!!

Some many months ago, I moved house. Actually, it's hardly called a move, I just shifted exactly 11 doors down from where I used to live. But anyways, 11 or 101 doors, it involved lots of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. This time around, I was determined to have a more cosy looking room. I shopped for lots of ideas from Ikea and also browsed through the volumes of interior design magazines I borrowed / coxed (very very nicely) Ryan into buying. *smiles with glee*.

The final piece of the makeover came from the Lusty carpet I wanted sooooo much from Ikea. And that came true when I brought mum and dad to Ikea. Them feeling very generous that day decided they could help me purchase it! Yay!!!

After the many many months of the make over, I've not posted the pictures up. The room does not look fancy but I love it to bits! Take a peek*

Right side of room

Left side of room

The siesta spot

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Hafez Zahruddin said...

That's a comfy room you got there. Very playful with color choices. Suka hijau ke?