Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do You Know What I'm Thinking?

I'm just bursting inside. Coz I just can’t wait! Yes yes i know, it is not till many MANY months away but hey, that doesn't mean a girl can’t be excited!

So, do you want to know what am I thinking of? Let me let you in a teeny tiny secret into my head of dream land... Tadaa

I'm also thinking of this...

... this...

and this...

And where exactly am I dreaming about?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleep 0- Work 0

Today is just one of those days. No wait, its been a string of a few days already, this past whole week. I just can’t seem to shake it off.

I’m tired of working.

When the 5.55am alarm clock rings, I wake up feeling like I barely slept at all which is crazy because I’ve been sleeping between 11pm and midnight everyday.

I need a break. Weekends alone are not enough. I doubt it’s the post-holiday syndrome from merdeka weekend, which btw was excellent. I ate to my heart’s content and did absolutely nothing (much to the chagrin of my sisters).

I miss having the 6-8 weeks break after 14 weeks of hard work aka lecture+exams as a student.

I want a break, not come to work and just sleep. Seriously.