Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nothing is enough

The brown eyes circled in grey
The very enchanting eyelashes
The slender long fingers
Sturdy, firm arms
The way the two palms fit like
lock and key.

The scarf hiding the beautiful hair
The innocent shy smile
The sincere, genuine words which
melts the heart
like barbequed marshmallows
sends the shivers down the spine
and butterflies in the stomach.

Every imperfection adds character
The scars so personal, they hurt,
The embrace so tight
it grips the heart, mind and soul
The missing and longing of
the warmth, touch, nearness and presence
One makes all the difference
and nothing is ever enough.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Story of Conversation

I’m trying to put down these few things into words with the softest hint of instrumental tunes at the background to crease out my thoughts. But with only 2 hours of sleep, my already limited vocabulary is failing me and I can’t really paint a picture of what I want to say. So instead of trying to explain, perhaps a story will do better justice to the impression I’m trying to convey.

“You have a conversation where the rest of the world shuts of, it is only you and the person seated next to you that matters. The surroundings start out loud and noisy, busy with the family of 40 members seated next to the two of you. Neither realized when did the jim bang trickled out. Eventually the lights start switching off before you realize how much time has passed. You feel like going for a long walk, something not done in a very long time. The other suggested a car ride and off both of you went touring the streets of the metropolitan city with no destination in mind. Just bright lights, rights and lefts, roundabouts, missed turns and sometime even going in circles. But it was fun.

A small tour of yesteryear landmarks and sandwiches at the everything-under-the-sky-stall, which brought back thoughts of carefree college days, ended the night. But in essence, the two know it wasn’t the food, crowd or ride which was significant. Tête-à-tête was the glue to the beautiful night, to the seemingly endless exchange of words, ideas, opinions, swapping of stories, history, childhood memories. You could have sat down, talked and did nothing else but went home feeling like you had best time ever.”

That was the emotion I wanted to capture. Oh, and the lack of sleep? Totally worth it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It feels like high school

There were some things in high school which fades and then there are some which sticks till my grown up years.

“The Girl stalls at the corridor hoping to catch a glance at The Boy. Then there were the calls to the house phone where into the 20th minute, someone had to use the phone. The internet brought upon e-cards and long msn chats, again till someone had to use the computer. It is also the time where your heart skips a beat, you can’t help smiling, everything seems so magical. The excitement when The Boy comes over to say hi, chit chat for a bit in full view of your friends who are giggling behind your back.”

Ah yes, the high school days.

All those flashback both from experience and of friends kept my mind occupied during my 35 minute LRT ride to work this morning. In about a month, I will be 24 years old. Yet some things don’t go away even if you have aged 10 years from being a teenager.

The heart still skips a beat. The giggling has died but the excitement lives. Emails / Facebook have taken precedence over online chats. No one will bug me 20 minutes into the conversation because I have a handphone. Gone are the days about favourite bands (BSB & N’Sync comes to mind), the famous celebrities and hunks, the latest movies, who’s-with-who. This has evolved into talk about ourselves, interests, the looming economic downturn, political circus of our country, unit trusts, aspirations. “Hanging out” no longer revolves around a mall.

Yeah, I have grown but a thing like a crush is here to stay.