Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kul's-Nice-Room Mission

I'm moving to a new house, 12 doors away from Casa Maya. And in the midst of all the packing, house cleaning (omg, it was sooooo tiring *pengsan*) and furniture moving, I can't help but think how to I make my room look better. And seeing my room is slightly different from the current one, I can't use the old layout.


I kept visualizing in my head where I'm gonna put my wardrobe, chest of drawers, bed and study table with various combinations but nothing really striked out. I did get come creative input from the man to which I just couldn't really see it through. In fact, the thinking was so intense, I had sleepless nights equivalent to those of Transport Phenomena and Chemical Thermodynamics night before the exam paper just thinking of the room. So to put myself out of the misery, I went for ideas shopping at Ikea.


Well, I've been there several times but never really took the time to absorb everything nor pay attention to all the details. It's always the case of accompanying someone who already knows exactly what he/she wants so the trips tend to be very short. So last Saturday, I made a trip there determined to be armed back with fresh ideas and concepts to play around with. It felt like I was there more for inspection than a jolly trip over the weekend coz I took lots of mental notes and some pictures of things I thought would really work out. I did wish I had endless loads of money though, there were so many pretty stuff there which would cost me my 2 arms and 2 legs in the black market before I could get them all.


I finally settled down for this particular room as I liked the concept and it works for me. The room is also roughly the size of the one I'm moving into. My basic furniture are already available (feel so *broke* now after putting in the necessary deposits and getting some items) but it's the small details, colours, lights etc that adds the magic factor to the ambience and visual impact of the room.


And I sooooo want a nice lovely room to just cosy up in after a long day of work. I got an earful from mom from wanting to buy all these "unnecessary" things but hey, everyone is entitled to an awesome room kan? So if there are any kind souls out there who would like to help me out in my Kul's-Nice-Room mission, please gladly volunteer yourself. The pictures below are some remarkable items I would love to be the proud owner of.

Monday, April 13, 2009

She called it the finale

There was a huge rush of emotions as I read the post. It reminded me of some very painful memories which I have kept in the furthest corner of my mind and heart. But reading the words which so vividly described the feelings, emotions and eventually recovery kind of stirred something up in me. I had tears when I re-read the article because I felt like reaching out and patting the girl who's going through all this.


Long distance relationship (LDR). I was in one a couple of years back and to summarise it, the relationship was bittersweet. In my 21 years of grown up then, I was fiercely determined to prove everyone especially my parents that it will work out and I would earn some boasting rights when everything falls precisely into place. Alas, childish sentiments of non-existent perfection crushed all my hopes, dreams and I grew up.


However, I will not devour in the details of my past which I have compartmentalized and kept it tucked away, happy in its own little corner collecting dust as with all old things do, as it is not the point of this post.


Looking beyond the tug at my heartstring, I felt a completely different surge of emotions, one that is happy, contented, blissful and feels eternally blessed. I'm in a much better place with Ryan and I'm so thankful to have a boyfriend who is around, who is near, and whom is a phone call or a 20 minute drive away. A boyfriend whom I can make impromptu plans with or just simply do nothing but take a drive to McDonald's drive-thru in Kota Damansara as he lets me familiarize with his car.


I never realized what I was missing out because my previous relationship was long distance from the very beginning. And now, to have a special person within reach made me realize what a huge difference the presence of someone can make in my life. The next time the "I'm afraid of seeing you too often because I'm afraid of getting used to you and eventually inept of not having you around" flashes in my mind, I will extinguish it. No point fretting over something so small when the magnitude of being with Ryan is so much bigger. I rather have 10 minutes of him everyday than to have to make do with only seeing him several times a year, the rare hellishly expensive calls, skype, endless emails and text messages to summarize how my day went.


For everything I've been through, I'm thankful of my past experience. Because it taught me the value of presence and to fully appreciate everything I have with Ryan today. I was not shortchanged nor robbed of happiness and for that I'm sorry to have thought so in my moments of hurt, despair, anger and frustration. I have Ryan…

Friday, April 10, 2009

Minus Income

Late last week the office boy was going around places dropping off lots of green coloured sealed envelopes. I didn't think much of it and as I was busy, I tucked it away. Not till 2 days later did I actually took a look at it and then I noticed it was my EA form.


Lo and behold, I'm now a taxpayer, income taxpayer. And no, paying government and service tax for food doesn't count.


Paying taxes, now that's quite a big deal. It means I'm contributing to the country *beams*. It means I have a say on how the government should handle its expenses, which should be for the better good of the people and not paid holiday trips with the family and maid to Disneyland *ahem*. It means I can now grumble everytime taxes/tolls are unjustified-ly increased. (Thinking about it, i'll skip the grumbling, it makes us age faster) Because all this taxes eat into my salary which eats into my earning power which means less shopping which leads to less spending and therefore the economic recession.


I'm still trying to figure out the terms on my EA form. It is in Malay and while I do understand it, there are some terms which seemed ambiguous to me. Does the particular term mean I'm exempted from taxes or does it mean an add to it? I looked up the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LDHN) website hoping it will shed some light but alas, there is so much information written all in BM and I got lost navigating my way through. So while paying taxes doesn't seem complicated, it is and it isn't at the same time.


So here's income tax to less(er) income.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Power Woman ok

Well, at least I would like to think of myself as one, strong, feisty, resilient, hence Power Woman.


That all came to test yesterday when I went for the Body Combat  GX class at Fitness First. Oh, you didn't know? Yeah, I've joined the gym coz I've been sitting on my ass for too many hours in the office with no form of exercise. Climbing up a flight of stairs is sheer embarrassment when the senior generation walks up with a brisk and I end up huffing and puffing. So this is my strike back – workout to keep fit!


Back to Body Combat. So I was in class being the first few to arrive and all geared up for a good workout after my 30 minutes on the treadmill. Everyone were regulars spare me and 2 other ladies. The music started and everyone went hah-hah-hah sync with moves. And here I was being the gentle girly girl doing my girly thing with all the karate, boxing taekwando, tai chi and also muay thai moves! Totally tak jadi la. Everyone was so pumped up, kicking, punching and striking; I knew I had level up. So I too went hiak-hiak-hiak and kick some major ass yesterday evening.


Looking at myself at the mirror was quite funny though. I look so small, thin and *frail* compared to everyone else. I feel like a 5 year old trying to catch up with a grown up. I do get the occasional stare with quizzical looks screaming "What in the world is this skinny girl doing here at gym? Does she really need the exercise?" Well, I didn't ask to be this small but hey, everyone needs exercise, don't you agree?


The full effects of the super energetic workout were felt after the refreshing warm water shower. The shoulders ache even when doing nothing. To add insult to injury, my thighs hurt too when I woke up this morning. But I guess no pain no gain huh.


I must say I do feel a sense of achievement. I had no idea I was capable of such moves at the fast pace. I can now even do push ups! Woo Hoo! Today would be my last session with my Personal Trainer, Rakin. And also the end of my 14 day trial which I enjoyed tremendously. I'm signing up!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The tale of us in love

Happy days of sunny bright sun

Fresh green grass and clear blues skies

Of birthday lunches and picnic parks

Of clever clues and mystery trails

Of overwhelmed sweetness and surprises

Of pretty butterflies, fleeting and gentle

Of hands that holds a lover, becomes the world.

And this is the tale of us in love.