Monday, June 22, 2009

Where are your manners?

The last week has got me gritting my teeth with people who are just plainly blind and oblivious to simple, basic, manners. Just this morning, as the LRT was getting more packed with subsequent stations, a girl was trying to get in by shoving her way through with no courtesy to say excuse me. Well, if she didn't want to say anything, the least she could have done was to look at the person in front and a nod for acknowledgment before making her way through.


So after jostling her way through (she really didn't need to as there was still space), she got herself to the nearest pole, squeezed herself between me and the other girl next to me, pressed her entire abdomen to the pole and proceeded to read her book as if there is no other care in the world. I glared at her hoping she would take some consideration to move as her boobs were exactly where my hands were placed. Alas, the book must have been extremely interesting for her to have not realized. With her body parts leaning against the pole, I could not move my hand.


When we arrived at the Masjid Jamek station and 2 people next to us were getting off, she again tried to push my hand to take over the places. My laser eyed stare again *failed* as she thrust herself forward. As she stood in front of me, she gave me a sheepish smile only to be returned with "You could have said excuse me". The lady had to be told off, I was not going to just take a rude person getting away with that without at least letting her know! You want to know what the best part is – she's a well respected person working in my company!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Perhentian Dinanti

Note: A re-post as the last post was a lil screwed.
So today I'm back in office after a great, no, super duper awesome weekend in Perhentian. The ending to the island escapde only dawned upon me when I arrived at KL Sentral from the airport. The place is buzzing and the rush of people dashing everywhere. It is back to the crazy, fast paced, traffic inducing lifestyle.
Oh, how wonderful it was in Perhentian. It felt like time stood still. I did so little and yet so much; I slept, ate, had a lil too much of sun, drank lots of carbonated drink, snorkeled and truly immersed into taking my own sweet time to do things.
Perhentian is absolutely breath taking. The lush green treens, the wooden beach chairs, the white sand, the many blue shades of clean clear water, the breeze that sways the pretty coconut tree leaves, the friendly people I met on our trip, the very hospitable chalet staff, yummy food, the bubbly lady at the mini mart who simple refuses to believe that I'm Malaysian coz I apparently look very Eurasian, the beautiful corals and oh so pretty little colourful fishes, the turtles that swam so fast I only saw its tail, the stingrays which took a day off on Saturday, the sharks which were scared of us humans… It had all the ingredients to a beautiful memorable holiday.
I have no complains of my tan and would readily get another if I could get one more day in Perhentian. And guess what, I get to check one more item of my list. Weee~
Post Script: I know it seems like I have vanished - the last post being about a month ago. But I've been really tied up with work and when I do get to chill, I come back being a lil lazy to load up the pics. They will come up soon enough.