Sunday, January 4, 2009

My New Toy

After 5 long loyal years, I put my handphone to rest. It served me very well but in the past few months have been showing signs of collapse from wear and tear and of course, its very matured age. I still remember the days where I grit my teeth with the phone gets cranky. One such incident where it stop vibrating anymore.

So, let me present to you my new toy: The Nokia N79! Seriously, after my old phone, the current one is a whole world of difference! Its got all this cool funky features that i know everyone else's phone got except mine. And i have yet to pick up the instruction manual prefering to explore its functions on my own. Of course i did come across not knowing how to undo a setting simply because i cant remember where the hell was the application/fuction/feature placed in the menu. Lol.

But i totally *heart* my phone. It was down to the N82, N85 and N79. I do wish the keypads were as soft as the N85 but the N85 is a slide phone and i know these generally dont last long, at least not at the rate i use my phone. The N82 while it has excellant features (actually, they're all pretty much the same), the keypads were just freaking ugly and hard to press. The N79 won hands down as it was candybar and the keypads albeit being a lil hard, were still much better and nicer too. You can read reviews of the N79 *here*.

And who i have to thank for the amazing birthday present - Dad!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Year: 2009

I welcome 2009 with an open heart.

2008 was a brilliant year for me. I would have selected it as “The Year” in a heartbeat because of all the amazing things that I have and that have taken place. I have so much to be thankful for, my wonderful family, remarkable true friends, graduating (with grades better that I expected), a job that makes me feel like a fully grown up person, super duper fun times with everyone and the glue to everything, love. Part of me is overwhelmed by all the blessings that I have been showered with and no amount of thank you to God is enough to represent how I feel. I feel so happy.

Initially, I was a lil afraid at the arrival of 2009. I didn’t want 2008 to end because it was one of the best years i had and part of me doesn’t want to let that go. A new year brings upon uncertainties, and I’m just happy to carry on with the 2008 way of life. What if 2009 changes all the great things? Alas, time waits for no man, plus I’m not silly enough to think it will wait for me.

But really, isn’t a new year the best way to start with a clean slate? A fresh start, a new beginning, new horizons to venture to, going for adventures of a life time, bitter sweet experiences which will add colour to my Life Sheet. And the best part of all, all these will be shared with my loved ones. So 2009 don’t scare me anymore. In fact, I look forward to what this year will bring upon.

I have a feeling 2009 is going to be an even better year than the years before. I believe we will all grow and develop, to care and share, to love wholeheartedly, to become stronger with every challenge thrown in our paths, to become wiser with each new experience, an unwavering believe in everything we pursue, a deeper sense of attachment to Him.

Cheers to 2009 to an incredible year ahead!