Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vibrating No More

My dear faithful phone (Nokie 6610i) of 4 years is now acting up. I faced numerous keypad changes (ok, 3 times only la) due to my excessive messaging although dad would like to think that i'm actually quite ganas (rough). But now my phone dearest is no longer vibrating when it rings!

The phone is old enough to be in a semi-museum (the nokia 3310 is museum material, mine hasnt reached that stage yet) but it has served me so well all this years. I did try getting my dad to get me a new, upgraded phone with the true tones, 3G, 5megapixel camera but he always throws back this question at me. "What is the function of a phone? To recieve and send calls and text messages. Anything extra is unnecessary." Plus he argues that a camera will always be better than a camera phone. I dont need itunes coz i have an amazing 2G mp3 player. and we hv streamxy at home there's no need for 3G.

If i want to look at the phone as purely a communication via call and text msg, yes, my phone serves that function very well indeed. But it is also convenient not having to carry so many gadgets around with the additional camera and mp3 player if i had an all-in-one-phone.

I would like to get myself one but at my current financial situation, that has to wait. But i most certainly intend on getting a cool phone with my first pay cheque!

So back to my non-vibrating phone, another repair needed to jive up its life. I rely on its vibrating features very heavily coz my phone is permanently on silent mode. If my parents (they used to) were to hear the number of times my phone rings for calls or msgs, they will be irritated. Plus its easier not having to remember to turn my phone to silent mode when i go for classes.

Any DIY ideas to get the phone vibrating again? Let me know. I could save the RM30-50 for repairs for a better use elsewhere or put that into my New-Phone-Fund.


Joyce Tedoen said...

Get a new one instead :) too bad you missed the recent handphone-fair in Cheras. They sold no-fancy-features phone at like 80 to 120 bucks. Ori-phones. Now I think you need to spend like 200 bucks or so for the cheapest one, unless you buy 2nd hand.

But I do agree on the camera-quality part. Nothing beats a proper camera. =x

Ohkulala said...

JT: i think the best for now is to learn to adjust to the non-vibrating phone till i get a new one. and ill keep a lookout on handphone fair (thx for the idea!).

Aronil said...

yeah i agree with joyce.. get the nokia music express or even the n82 :P.. save up and get that.. it'll be worth the buy later on. Besides most phones have now turned organiser like. The nokia 3500 or the nokia 6300 are pretty good and for reasonable prices now..

Ohkulala said...

aronil: yup, was planning on getting the n82 and if i hv extra cash, i can even consider the n95 which i fell in love with the moment i saw it. hehe

Superman said...

Yup, get a new phone dude. A low end model with camera and mp3 cost you RM400, and a way better one with 3.2MP autofocus camera, external memory cost you RM750 to RM850.

It's true a phone is solely for calling and sms. But to think of the technology today. We have mp3 player, digital camera, GPS navigator, laptop and etc. Those all can perform their function well than a handphone. But are you goin to bring them all out? No of course. A handphone is portable enough to gather every single technology into the tiny little device. Therefore, it's essential to have a multi function handphone.

Ah-Bong said...

poor you... :P

get a new one! that's the best solution. it's 4 years old lei...

-Bl@NK- said...

Wow.. u beat me.. i hv that exact same model as yours. nokia 6610i. n it stayed with me for 3 years plus before i change to N81 currently.

Mine have same problem with vibration also. always suddenly no vibration, n something wrong with the reception cuz it will only receives msges after 15-30 minutes delay. That gives me no choice but to change.

My advice? get a new phone babe!

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Ohkulala said...

superman: yeah, i totally agree with you. i really need a new HP because they are portable and incorporates so many features than carrying numerous gadgets around.

Ah Bong & Blank: You wanna donate to my New-Phone-Fund?

Selerines: Thanks for dropping by :)I feel honoured that you want to share my link :) Yup, ill definitely drop by Selerines World and we can be new blogger friends.