Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm in the newspapers!

The very new and humble The Mouth Marathon was blogspotted by the Sheila Rahman, editor of Malay Mail not too long ago. She liked the blog and how the posts represents what young people face and experience on a day to day basis. And 2 days ago (June 2), an article on my lovely blog was published in the Malay Mail!! I feel so proud and honoured that my lil humble blog has been recognized :) Below is a snapshot of the article. Click to enlarge.

Seeing that my parents had no idea i do have a blog, this is the perfect opportunity to tell them.


corneamelayu said... about ur blog in MM.. I think should visit urs regularly, to improve my English writing...If u dont mind...hehe
Got 2 blog page currently..
1st. http// thats where I learn how to blog...quite messy la actually..plan to post photos only, but now u see what

this one just wanna share some info with newbies, like myself. Share anything..but for now, I'm sharing about tyre info...

thats all for now..COngratulation once again


Fantastic!!!!! Now I can say I know this blogger whose blog went into the papers!

Keep writing! Keep in touch ya... will drop by The Mouth Marathon more often.

All the best KUL!!

Ah-Bong said...

whoa! kewlness!


Ohkulala said...

Cornea Melayu, Bismo & Ah Bong: Thank you very much :)

Queer Ranter said...

Now how is it that you got this sort of publication and I don't?!


pearly said...

Congrats dear Kul!! ;p

Aronil said...

Hey there you :) thanks for the heads up and Congratulations on the interview! That is seriously sweet of you to mention us in the paper lol. Has a nice feeling right when your blog is finally seen out there haha. We will be looking forward to seeing what else you have learnt through blogging. hehe.

-Bl@NK- said...

congrats kul. told you you will make it!!

puvanan said...

congrats.. :)
and, keep on rocking!

SaKuRa said...

hey kul! congrats girl~~ it's just the other day we were talking abt how bloggers got their columns published in papers. n now you're one of them! so proud of u ^^ keep it up

Cmate said...

Wah! Celebrity blogger now la, you! Terrornya.

Ohkulala said...

QR: hey, i did mention you in passing, twice some more. who do u think was the good fren who started blogging and triggered me to start? you la!

Pearly: thanks dear :)

Aronil: no biggie at all. i love reading ur blog, its the least i can do to mention it.

blank: thank you :). and i'm sure you'll make it too

Puvanan: thanks dear. will keep on rocking and you too ya.

sakura: hehehe.... i guess some things do come true!!

cmate: not celebrity la, just got randomly spotted. hehehe *blush*

3POINT8 said...

wow! u are featured in a newspaper???
wha wha...bloggers are slowly getting the limelight in society.
I wonder when is the turn for us small bloggers
Anyway, congrats!

Queer Ranter said...

Is that identity protected me?

Why is it PROTECTED!? Could have been rich from Nuffnang~~~ :P