Friday, June 27, 2008

Neighbour Boy

It was like how it is every morning. Sophie spotted the boy at the corner of her eye while she pretends to be busy at the lawn. She sees him walk past her house when he heads off to class clad in jeans, a t-shirt and a sling bag by his shoulders.

She never noticed him all this while until 3 days ago when she was frantically taking the clothes in while the heavens opened up the skies into a sudden thunderstorm. In her frenzied attempt to save the dried clothes from getting wet, she felt it was rather rude when she heard someone chuckling at her while walking by. “How dare him?” she thought and huffed off.

After that fateful day of rain and chuckle, Sophie noticed Neighbour Boy for the second time. And since she didn’t know his name, she decided to call him Nathan. Sophie was quick to note his height standing at roughly 6 feet, fair complexion, sharp nose, clean shaven, silky black hair combed to the back showing off his high forehead, sturdy arms and a muscular build. Oh, and how could she not mention his chiseled jaw which reveals two very deep dimples when he flashes a bright smile. Nathan oozes charm and charisma and Sophie’s pulled to him like metal to magnet.

“There is something about him” she thought and a tiny curve appeared on her mouth. “Don’t I sound silly? We’ve not even said a word to each other and here I am thinking how cute my neighbour is.”

The game of pretend is one of Sophie’s forte and she used it to her best of her ability. Timing was essential and she soon learned that he heads to class the same time when she’s done with her laundry. And that he gets back home in the evening as she waters the plants. So twice a day, on stolen glances, Sophie sees her Neighbour Boy.

Unlike Sophie, Nathan’s “acting” skill is below average to a kind person and many a times Sophie caught Neighbour Boy looking at her with quizzical eyes. The games didn’t hold for long because soon enough both were smiling knowingly to each other and the occasional nods of acknowledgement.

Sophie was getting her mail from the mail box when a strong gush of wind snatched an envelope bringing it dancing in thin air. She tried reaching out for it until the gate became a barricade and the letter was beyond her grasp anymore. Someone caught her envelope and Sophie heaved a sigh of relief. She looked up to see Nathan with her letter clutched in his hand walking towards the house. Sophie’s heart beat faster with every step he took closer.

“Hi, I believe this is yours.”
“Yes, thank you”
“You’re welcomed.”
He took out his hand.
“My name is Syed”
“Hi Syed, I’m Sophie.”
“Pleased to meet you.”


Ginn said...

cinderalli meet a potential prince charming! =)

Ohkulala said...


Cybermate said...

Good story.... develop it!

Ginn said...

what happens next? Can't wait!! =)

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

oooohh a lil love story is forming.. eh.. is this true or what?

Ohkulala said...

cybermate: thanks!

ginn: hv too many options on how the story continues. havent decided on one just yet.

aronil: its fiction :)