Sunday, June 8, 2008

The grown up princess

I had a gazzilion super awesome plans for my holidays. And my creative imagination didn’t require me much thinking over how am I going to spend my days having fun at home before I head out to the real world, becoming a working adult.

But all those lazy mornings of waking up in time for lunch, lazy afternoons of eating ice-cream, evenings of exploring places to eat and shop in Melaka, yummy dinners home (gosh, I noticed everything is food based!), the occasional errand to run, volunteering at the handicapped centre, teaching, KL times of holidaying, partying, socialising, catching up with all my friends and clubbing, and I mustn’t forget to be the *ahem* filial daughter at home, all those came crashing down when my domestic helper was sent back 1.5 years too early!!

So instead of early noons and late nights, I get the boot at 8am when dad leaves for work. His idea of making me get out of bed is to lock up after him when he chiows. And he knows that I have difficulty going back to bed once I’m up. *Ggrrr* A new routine has developed.

0800: Drag myself out of bed, tell daddy goodbye, wash-up, breakfast

0830: Do laundry. And no cheating here, I handwash the clothes.

0930: Hang the clothes to dry

0950: Housework – sweeping, cleaning, mopping the house

1100: My blessing in disguise, I’m learning to cook!

1230: Clean up the kitchen

1300: Lunch

1400: Chill time, reading, sorting out stuff and (still) unpacking my 5 years worth of things, re-decoration ideas for my room

1700: Folding clothes

1830: Preparing for dinner

2000: Dinner + TV + desserts

2190: Internet surfing + misc + reading

1200: ZZzzz

What do I get in return? Nothing, monetary wise. But there is always a positive outcome to every situation and it is up to me to look at it any way I want to. Yes, I do miss sleeping in and waking up late and just not having to worry about the weather if it is going to rain, whether the clothes will dry, what to cook for today etc etc.

However, I am picking up cooking, improve my household chore skills, be of a better use at home and occupy my time. All of this is quite unexpected but I’m learning a lot in the long run. And with all the work, I feel a certain sense of achievement within myself. I have less guilt when I splurge on my next buy, going out with my friends and each time I’m out I feel so very light and care-free because I get to be a lil girl all over again. Yes, the little princess is growing up indeed.

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