Thursday, June 26, 2008

I got a jab!

My sister and I have yet to get chicken pox all this years despite my mum’s repeated attempts to get us infected. Among such ingenious methods include making us play with her friend’s children who have chicken pox hoping we would get it. But yet it didn’t work. Our immune system must be heck of a powerful huh. Hehe….

Well, Sis S’s best friend contracted the *horror* chicken pox not too long ago and when my mum saw her condition, it shocked her to see how adverse the effects could be on a slightly grown up child. The scars were bad and she took a much longer time to recover. So we’re getting inoculated against it.

I had my first jab today. The doctor insisted i not look while i got my jab. I breathed in, breathe out. Nothing. Then breathe in .... oooowwww!!!! and breathe out. I was glad it was over so fast. It was alright, like a sting of a red ant. No scars, no bumps and my arm functions just fine. Phew...

I'll get my second dose on the 25th of August (2 months from now). And when I looked at my card, I smiled coz 25th is a day after my graduation ceremony. All things happen at the same time huh.


3POINT8 said...

hehey, u got a job???
Oh wait...u got a jab???
Ahaha, i was about to congratulate you.

Anyway, I guess you won't have chicken pox for a long time.

Starry Eyed said...

Hye Kul!! I found ur blog through nuffnang.. Zakiah here.. remember? thehe we met in sabah during that public speaking contest.. so u have graduated huh? same here.. I am also a professional slacker! huahaha

Ohkulala said...

3point8: if i do get chicken pox, habis la. huhuhu

starry eyed: wow, its been sooo long!!