Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Memoirs of St David's High School Part 2

Continuation from my previous post
Form 3
It was a serious year with most of the class jokers and clowns missing in action. Teachers complained the class is too quiet, a first in history! And not wanting to be part of a different history, I studied hard and put in a lot of effort in my work. 2 years back, the entire first class of the form scored straight As for PMR except for one girl and I wanted to make sure that I’m not that girl. We did better than our immediate seniors. Yay! A good rub in their faces :P. To explain this would take a much longer post.

A huge misunderstanding with the Empat Kawan Baik ensued and was never quite solved by the end of the year.

Verdict: No fun and no play made 3A1 a boring class

Form 4
I became a prefect where probations were tough. One morning, I had a feeling something was going to go wrong. It was not till halfway through duty I realized I forgot to keep my liquid paper in my pocket with me. And the seniors conducted a spot-check on us and my liquid paper was confisticated. I felt my face burn as the names were read out one by one of who was caught with possession with the most illegal item in school. Oh, such shame and embarrassment. I was sure I would have been fired but since everyone had outstanding records of duty, we were let go with a stern warning. Phew…

The class magazine was the class moment of glory and joy. Budak Cerah was elected Editor and I became the assistant. We had a great time writing articles, collecting funds, marketing our hard work and sweat to the other schools and make a whooping profit!

Politics became a game as everyone was vying for top positions in their respective clubs. Afterall, doing academically well alone is not sufficient. The stiff competition had a repulsive side; friends back-stabbing, hypocrisy, ass-suck-ups and the popularity contest. Integrity was something I held steadfastly but with the unfortunate way of the world, sometimes the good people end last.

Most advisors give students a free hand at running the clubs with minimal supervision. The good part about this is that we learn how to work things out on our own independently. The downside is because of their lack of involvement, they don’t really know who to pick to take over the club for the next term and leave that decision up to the president and his board of directors A club which I cherish was taken over by an inexperienced member who was clueless to run the club. The person was chosen because he was such good friends with past president who had a hand in nominating candidates.
In some cases, some truly deserving people were sidelined because they don’t do “apple polishing”. And then there were the outstanding ones who got every bit they should for their terrific work. All in all, politics was a dirty game and with it being so blatant in front our eyes, some could claim lack of knowing pledging blindness. Sheesh
Verdict: Have fun but watch your back

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