Friday, June 13, 2008

Made of Honour Gala Night & Exclusive Premier

I had a most amazing night yesterday at the exclusive premier of Made of Honour courtesy of Hong Leong Bank. It was at the glitzy JW Marriot where the uber-ness of the place speaks for itself. Food was good and the company excellent. You cant get any better with the whole gang (Ah Kie, Ah Sha & Ah Tes) decked out in our finest for the evening. Free flow of drinks and what we mistook as champagne (turned out it was sparking juice which was deliciously sweet with strawberries) and loads of camwhoring.

Seeing it is also my first Nuffnang party, it was exciting to see the bloggers whom I follow their blogs in person. Linora was a bubbly as i kinda expected her to be. Garreth is extremely tall, gosh I love his height. Saw loads of others like KY, Fireangel, Kinky Blue Fairy, Ringo and the list is endless. Everyone who is anyone in the blogsphere was there so you get the idea yeah.

Well, now ill leave you with pictures to do the rest of the talking. If a picture paints a thousand words, these are worth a novel. *laughs*


Le Gang (L-R): Myself, Ah Tes, Ah Kie & Ah Sha

Su Ann aka Pink Pau & I

Ah Kie and I doing something fun - checking people out. I think this was where we spotted the hawt model *heart melts*

Oh, you know what else was super awesome; Ah Kie and I won Best Dressed Couple!!!
Ah Kie and I accepting our pressies for Best Dressed Couple
"The Couple"

The conversation below is simply hilarious when Kimberly walked up to us at the end of the night.

Kim: Congrats on winning the Best Dressed Couple. Hey, are you guys dating? (looking at Ah Kie and me)

Ah Kie: Define dating

Kim: Eermm, you know, like seeing one another.

At this point, I couldn’t control my laughter anymore.

Garreth aka Shaolin Tiger: Well Kim, Ah Kie blogs at Queer Rant

Kim: Huh, what??

Garreth: Queer Rant

Kim: Oh F**k!!

All the money in the world cannot take away the shock on Kim’s face. And Ah Kie, yeah, we’re both spoiling each others chances of you-know-what if people think we’re dating. So yes, Ah Kie and I are friends. Ah Kie, we shall leave out the course-mate story huh.

We wore Ah Tes’ batik design which were simply lovely. The amount of attention garnered was unbelievable. Ah Tes was absolutely cool bout me walking (without lifting the skirt up) when we crossed the Bukit Bintang street over to Pavilion for the movie. Imagine all the stares we got when patrons see a stream of people all beautifully dressed walking around. In the case of Ah Kie and I, adorned in designer wear. Don’t play-play people.

All in all, it was a night to remember. Thank you so much Ah Kie dear for getting me into taking part in the fishing competition, I would have completely regretted it otherwise. A special mention to Ah Tes for dressing me up. I love love love the skirt!

The beautiful skirt by Ah Tes


Queer Ranter said...

Kekekekek. I want more parties like this~~~

- yuhhui - said...

Your skirt is absolutely gorgeous. =) . Congrats on winning best dressed! =)

Nick Dorian said...

yay!! I see my face :P

cc said...

your dress is beautiful. Love the last picture!

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy.. u guys look gorgeous!! Wished i was there too :(

Aronil said...

hahha i see my face too :) and you are lovely babes. the dress was **faaaabbbuuullooouuss** i'm trying to mimic frankie here :P

Azzam?? said...

woooooooowwwwww... u crossed the street in BB with that?? wowwww.. =D

*tabik hormat!


ayesha sha sha sha said...

coolio dress babe!

Ohkulala said...

QR: Me too, me too!
YH: Thanks dear~
ND: indeed :)
CC: Thank you :)
WD: Yeah, it would have been awesome to have you around
Aronil: i see my face on your post too! and practise enough, you'll be able to say Fabulous exactly the way Frankie does
Azzam: I did cross the road with that. hehee
Ayesha: Lovely skirt all thanks to Suthesh

joshuaongys said...

oh so u're the girl with the long dress... hahahahahaha I SAW YOU!

Robb said...

lol @ kim's shock. XD

Ohkulala said...

joshua: yeah, i was the girl. hehe
robb: i know! its hilarious coz ah kie and i are playing on the "same" team when it comes to boys :)

Anonymous said...

hi there
sorry for the late reply
of coz i look familiar to u
coz i stepped on ur lovely dress b4the dinner start :P

sorry again

KY said...

you were so hot it's too intimidating to take a picture with you ok!!!!!

niema-sifiana said...

i love the dress!!!u look so beautiful