Monday, June 9, 2008

Unemployed? Bummer? Professional Slacker?

Now that I’m home and just recently graduated, I find it a lil tricky to classify which category do I fall into. I can’t call myself a student because I’m no longer studying. I do not have a job yet, so that makes me jobless hence unemployed. But I don’t quite like that term, it makes me appear lazy. Right now whenever someones asks, I just say, I recently graduated. But I’m sure you see the loophole in this. After say 3 weeks, being “recently graduated” will be old news and stale.

Being on holidays is too broad a term for most people especially when it comes to dad and some of the wiser generation. And saying that I’m on holidays will invite a host of questions like “How long are you planning to take your break?” “What do you plan on doing?” “Oh, is that how young people these days spend their time?” “How’s the job hunt coming along?” Seeing I’m not keen on being bombarded with so many questions, I need to find a better way around getting to what am I up to these days.

I’d like to think of myself as the bummer because that’s what I do pretty much now. I sit and bum around at home, go out occasionally, run some errands and housework here and there. I have yet to get around to teaching and volunteering yet so there’s very little to say. The word bummer has a nice ring to it. Every time I hear it, I get the visual picture of myself in a bikini lounging on a hammock by a beautiful beach wearing a beach hat tanning under the sun with my favourite book and a lunch pack tucked at the corner of my mat. Such a lovely image don’t you think so?

But a dear friend of mine who is taking a year off work came up with a more “refined” way of putting it; he calls himself the Professional Slacker! I think it’s quite brilliant though all it does is to dress up a simple term in a more fancy way. Pretty much the same way the Hygiene and Waste Management Officer actually means the garbage collector. *laughs*. I might actually pull of the Professional Slacker to tickle some funny bones when I’m in the mood of mischief.

What am I now actually? Unemployed, Bummer and a Professional Slacker. But not just that. I’m also taking a well deserved break after months of hard work and brain cracking. I would like to take this time to chill, relax and do some soul searching before I head out to the real world where harsh realities and the possible lack of no time for me might pop up more that I’d like to. I do want to give back my time at home where I’m hardly ever around all this years. Lending a helping hand to those who need some tender love, care, help, attention and guidance would be tiny way of giving back after all the showers of blessings I’ve received. To pursue things that I wanted to do but never got down to doing it. To be in my element. But most of all, to make the best of my holidays in every way possible.


sannien said...

Haha. I guess I'll be facing the exact same thing 1 year from now when it's my turn to graduate and wait for a job. Meanwhile, enjoy your holidays and the "nothingness" because after this it's gonna be another adventure in life! An adventure leads to another so it's no stopping! Now is the best time to charge your batteries and be a good girl at home, seeing your daddy off every morning and cooking and doing laundry! Kinda cool! Haha. All the best for all your interviews and soul-searching! I need to do some soul-searching on my own too! Haha. Oh, congratulations on being featured in the media! Haha. This comment seems to be a compilation of comments. =p

Queer Ranter said...

Let's keep on bumming love while we still can. :P

Joyce Tedoen said...

At least you graduated :P

Ohkulala said...

san nien: yeah, lots to do this hols with being a "good daughter" hehe, soul searching and most importantly enjoy the break

QR: i ain't complaining bout bumming. am loving it :)

JT: yeah, that's true!