Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

Meow there. If you have been following Ohkulala’s posts, I’m sure you notice something not right from the very first word. Yes, I’ve have hijacked her blog, stole access to her sister’s brand new laptop and embezzled her username and password to get my 2 minutes of fame. Meooowww

I’m a cat and cats need a lot of attention ok. But I figured I’m tired of the real world so why not try getting some attention here in the virtual world. Pretty damn smart for a cat don’t you think so?

Oh, let me introduce myself. I’m a Pussy called Wussy. Yeah, my owner is pretty cheesy when it came to names. Everything owned is named, including you-know-what-down-there. Meooww. Sometimes when my owner is not looking, I do take an aim at what-is-down there. *Cheeky cheeky*

Anyhow, in the animal kingdom, there has been a lot of hoo-ha going on about some live blogging event organized by Nuffnang. So Wussy the Pussy has been sent here to invade the human world for a while to investigate what the hell is all the fuss about. I mean, come on, I could have caught up on more sleep if it wasn’t for all the hype. Sheesh people. Initially, there was talk about sending my partner coz he’s bigger and fiercer. But on second thoughts, sending Stripesy the Tiger might not be such a good idea if he decides he does not like you and then gobbles you up for dinner.

Ok, now that you know I love sleeping (I’m Garfield’s cousin by the way, hence the similar sleeping pattern), I also enjoy reading the newspapers. It is good to keep yourself updated you know. And my favourite sleeping spot? No guessing here, by the newspapers itself!!

And not wanting to sound bias, I tend to fall asleep more on the News Straits Times because their entertainment section is almost nil. Zzzz…. I much prefer the Star Two of The Star especially NicoleKiss' column on The Star Metro but I almost never get to it until a lil later once I’m up from my NST doze off.

That's me Pussy the Wussy getting some shut eye by NST

So back to Nuffnang’s Wild Life Blogging, here’s what I’ll report. There will be human beings dressed up (trying very hard to impersonate us divine animal beings) as wild animals on 21st June in Modestos/Rain at Desa Sri Hartamas and they are going to blog live at the event. Sounds really interesting, I think I might even make an appearance! Yeah la, it gets tiring with just Stripesy the Tiger and newspapers for friends you know.

I’m feeling tired from all this hijacking already so I better chiow before Ohkulala spots me here. Off to take a nap now. Oh, visit Nuffnang’s website for more info. *click* Tata~


Nicocoa said...

yay! a reader!

Ohkulala said...

Nicocoa: yes a reader and not to mention, a cat some more. hehehe

Cmate said...

Nice photo babe!

Ohkulala said...

cmate: thanks!!