Saturday, February 21, 2009

Comfort of a Lazy Saturday Afternoon...

... lies in a glass of Coca-Cola, munching tortilla chips while propped on the dining table with a book I doubt I'll be able to finish by tomorrow.

Because when Sunday comes, it serves as a reminder that on Monday, my whole world of hecticness, busyness and rushing will start. again.

I’m already missing home. Sigh

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Mother of All Jobs

If you advertised for a mum this is what the ad might look like. And applicants can forget about holidays …..


Wanted: MOTHER
Essential Criterion: Female
Desirable Criteria: Income from family trust. Relative who owns a bar.

Driver’s licence.

Applicant must be able to control vehicle with broken air-conditioner in heavy traffic while listening to choking baby in back seat. You will have the ability to concentrate while singing “Incy Wincy Spider” and know the location of every public toilet. You will be experienced in loitering outside youth venues late at night.


Must be capable of pre-planning menus for varied appetites for at least 18 years. Supply of own milk to infants is required, as is frequent dinner preparation for large numbers.


You will be directly responsible for control of budget estimates, complaints and negotiations.


Must be able to exist without sleep for up to six days while completing other duties. Must display proficiency in caring for the sick in the early hours of the morning. Stain-removal ability is highly sought after in this category.

Early childhood educator

Must be able to recite the complete works of A.A. Milne and be cognisant of everything written about dinosaurs. Ability to make necklaces from macaroni and dental floss will be well regarded.


Must be able to design and sew rabbit outfits for concerts.


Applicants must have ability to detect and treat headlice, remove chewing gum from hair and cut straight fringe while receiving verbal abuse.

Bike engineer

Will need to be conversant with all aspects of bicycle maintenance, including fitting and removal of stabiliser wheels. Applicant must be able to repair punctures at a camping site. A first-aid certificate is required.

Veterinary assistant

Must care for and train a variety of pets after owner has relinquished ownership of them. Frequent feeding and cage cleaning required. Must be well-versed in neighbourhood resolution and conduct occasional burial services.

Painter and decorator

Will be conversant with removal of sticky products and graffiti from doors. An ability to paint ceilings while cooking an advantage.


Will have the ability to hold discussions on the telephone while someone is hanging off leg and someone is banging a tin with a wooden spoon. Must provide sustenance to teenagers on the phone to avoid medical effects of prolonged stasis.

Landscape gardener

Must be able to start lawn mower, operate gardening equipment and keep house plants alive. Must know and keep abreast of latest methods of composting, pruning, seed cultivation and tree surgery. Must know location of every mouse that has died and been buried.

Entertainment officer

You will coordinate sporting functions via telephone and trips to the school office. You will be required to coach games in all weathers and encouraged to enter into strong discussions with opposing fractions. Purchase and maintenance of equipment required. Must be able to hold parties, make jelly and invent games where everybody wins.

Adapted from Reader’s Digest January 2001 (pp.97-98)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

90210 horror

When the show 90210 came out, the first thing that came to my mind was "Oh no, why are they still churning out teen flicks with the same old recipes? Like can't people come up with original ideas anymore these days?"

So imagine my shock, horror and complete amazement to discover last night that a lady in her early fifties was relentless in me switching tv channels because she watches, no wait, follows the show. The said woman is my mother!!! OMG. And she can tell me all the names of the characters, their relationships with one another and the plot. Fulamak, impressive...

I think my eyes popped out of the sockets, rolled on the carpet as I launched into a semi-speech about such shows and how of all people in the world (she despises the tv, never wanting us to become tv addicts when i was growing up), she watches 90210.

I'm gonna *pengsan* if i ever hear even whispers of her vaguely watching the L Word.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When Harry Met Sally

Ryan and I met under what I would call peculiar circumstances. The night I met Mark for the first time was also the day I met Ryan. Mark and I knew each other online for about 2 months plus and him being down in the city brought upon an opportunity to meet. Ryan is Mark’s brother who was the chauffer as Mark spends far more time in Indonesia that in KL city and neither one of us would like to get lost.

Dinner was an ordinary affair at the nearby foodcourt. Mark turned out to be almost exactly the mental picture I had painted of him; warm, friendly and not quite the Popeye-typical-medical-student. The addition of his brother was unexpected but pleasant nonetheless.

But it was not after I got back that night that I realised the conversation that took place largely revolved around Ryan and myself. This I thought was odd seeing that it is Mark that I know better and yet Ryan turned out to be quite interesting himself. Interesting being the keyword here. Interesting; a word I hardly use to describe a person unless the said person left quite an impression on me.

Ryan did just that.

Life went on with the usual routines; work, social get-togethers; weekends. With one exception. I started hanging out with Ryan too. Time was never on my side when we met up though, it passes in a blink, like we’re going on a roller coaster that ends right as we’re getting a hang of it.
But meeting Ryan was unlike meeting my other friends. He was different. Or perhaps I became different because it was him. I can’t tell them apart after awhile. I enjoyed his company immensely, we talked on a wide variety of subjects, and the occasionally impromptu adventure always left me hungry for more.

Soon enough, I thought about him a lil more. But I don’t think its any fault of mine. Here is a guy who’s wonderful, with a great sense of humour, matured, could see things from a wider perspective than my own, trustworthy, kind, caring and with a terrible sense of direction to boot. I was held captive after awhile because this unexplainable feeling that started developing in me was nice, warm and fuzzy and sweet like a drink of freshly squeezed lemonade with the slice of lemon perched on the tip of the glass with a straw to quench thirst on a sunny bright day spent on the beach.

And I love lemonades. Thus began this small little journey of mine in getting to know Ryan whom I adore. He gives me more reasons to with time. I don’t really know what will come up or plans that has been laid out for us by Him but I know this; I am going and will enjoy every moment of this beautiful journey that I have embarked on hoping to become a better person, to care, to cherish and to love…with Ryan.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Labour pains

… or at the least the equivalent of it is what I’m suffering from – a blardy toothache. And its not just any freaking toothache, its one that involves a wisdom tooth and…. wait for it….. surgery!!!

Aaahh yes, the dreaded word – surgery. What I thought was a mere ulcer was cleverly hidden under the soft tissues at the very end of my mouth turned out to be a massive inflammation of the gums. I first noticed the slight pain on Sunday but quickly dismissed it. By Tuesday night, it had gotten considerably worse. Wednesday had me down with a blinding headache and a fever. I got myself into bed at a record breaking 9pm, tossed and turned and finally shot out of bed close to 1am. And then it dawned upon me, this is a wisdom tooth problem!!

I texted Ryan asking him to survey for dentists around my office or my house area. To which he came down, and quickly got me to the nearest hospital. I was prescribed with some powerful painkillers – panadiene and voltaren. My pain subsided enough for me to get 5 hours of shut eye. The next few days was spent with me surviving on painkillers to get through work.

I’m now back home. I had my upper left wisdom tooth removed yesterday. This helped with the pain a little. And on Tuesday, I’m off for my oral surgery, the second one in a span of 6 months.

It is amazing what I perceived as a mere ulcer/toothache can affect my daily life. In fact, pain to be more precise is something nobody should have to live with. My high threshold of pain also failed me this time around. Pain is so bad that sometimes it is the only thing I can think about. It consumes a lot out of a person, emotionally, mentally and physically draining. I will never ever underestimate the power of pain simply because I’ve never endured one of such forceful nature till now. So when my dentist said a toothache (especially when it has hit the nerves) is the equivalent of labour pains, I nodded in agreement.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Very Kul~Wind~Duh Facts

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. I talk a lot.
2. But when I’m alone when I meet new people, I tend to be quiet.
3. I dream of traveling the world – backpack style.
4. I’m a morning person and pretty much shut down at midnight.
5. Wanna make me high? Coffee will do the trick :P
6. I hope to have a pet someday; a cute little puppy.
7. I want to try as many things as possible. Just last weekend, I crossed off ice-skating of my list. Yippee!
8. Oh, I’m a list-making person. I make lists for almost everything.
9. I want to live in a tastefully decorated, cosy home.
10. Can you believe that I have never attended a concert before? Jason Mraz here I come!
11. Clubbing these days are overrated (and overpriced). House parties are way more fun and personal.
12. I grew up with an ambition of being an accountant since I was 10 years old.
13. Life without music will be absolutely boring.
14. I can’t act. I laugh/giggle/ lose my lines too easily.
15. If I could choose one talent, I would like to be gifted in writing. I find expressions in words very inspiring and moving.
16. The best way to dance is as if no one is looking.
17. One of the best things I enjoy doing is planning holidays and activities.
18. Am not a movie buff. Therefore I tend to be picky about the movies I watch.
19. My expectations of movies are ridiculously high.
20. I don’t eat breakfast unless I stay in a hotel coz hotel breakfast (in most cases anyway) are yummy.
21. I have a craving for waffles that has been unsatisfied for a long time.
22. When the weighing scale indicates an increase in weight, I leap for joy. Today was one such event :).
23. Who I am today is attributed to my family and very close friends.
24. I know one person who sends shivers down my spine and a skip in heartbeat (in a good way) with a mere thought.
25. I thought only people with a lot of time did this. But now I’m at my last item, it was pretty fun in a very perasan way having to talk about myself 24 times!

PS: yes, this is a copy of the chain-note that has been going on in Facebook. Ignoring it is quite hard seeing that I have been tagged 3 times and this is to my knowledge. I'm not sure if there are others who have also tagged me. Technologically challenged la katakan.

PPS: And yes, this doesnt technically count as a blog post. Why haven't i updated in a long time? Well, that's a long story deserving of a post of its own. Till then, miss me a lil bit wont you...