Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When Harry Met Sally

Ryan and I met under what I would call peculiar circumstances. The night I met Mark for the first time was also the day I met Ryan. Mark and I knew each other online for about 2 months plus and him being down in the city brought upon an opportunity to meet. Ryan is Mark’s brother who was the chauffer as Mark spends far more time in Indonesia that in KL city and neither one of us would like to get lost.

Dinner was an ordinary affair at the nearby foodcourt. Mark turned out to be almost exactly the mental picture I had painted of him; warm, friendly and not quite the Popeye-typical-medical-student. The addition of his brother was unexpected but pleasant nonetheless.

But it was not after I got back that night that I realised the conversation that took place largely revolved around Ryan and myself. This I thought was odd seeing that it is Mark that I know better and yet Ryan turned out to be quite interesting himself. Interesting being the keyword here. Interesting; a word I hardly use to describe a person unless the said person left quite an impression on me.

Ryan did just that.

Life went on with the usual routines; work, social get-togethers; weekends. With one exception. I started hanging out with Ryan too. Time was never on my side when we met up though, it passes in a blink, like we’re going on a roller coaster that ends right as we’re getting a hang of it.
But meeting Ryan was unlike meeting my other friends. He was different. Or perhaps I became different because it was him. I can’t tell them apart after awhile. I enjoyed his company immensely, we talked on a wide variety of subjects, and the occasionally impromptu adventure always left me hungry for more.

Soon enough, I thought about him a lil more. But I don’t think its any fault of mine. Here is a guy who’s wonderful, with a great sense of humour, matured, could see things from a wider perspective than my own, trustworthy, kind, caring and with a terrible sense of direction to boot. I was held captive after awhile because this unexplainable feeling that started developing in me was nice, warm and fuzzy and sweet like a drink of freshly squeezed lemonade with the slice of lemon perched on the tip of the glass with a straw to quench thirst on a sunny bright day spent on the beach.

And I love lemonades. Thus began this small little journey of mine in getting to know Ryan whom I adore. He gives me more reasons to with time. I don’t really know what will come up or plans that has been laid out for us by Him but I know this; I am going and will enjoy every moment of this beautiful journey that I have embarked on hoping to become a better person, to care, to cherish and to love…with Ryan.

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