Friday, February 20, 2009

The Mother of All Jobs

If you advertised for a mum this is what the ad might look like. And applicants can forget about holidays …..


Wanted: MOTHER
Essential Criterion: Female
Desirable Criteria: Income from family trust. Relative who owns a bar.

Driver’s licence.

Applicant must be able to control vehicle with broken air-conditioner in heavy traffic while listening to choking baby in back seat. You will have the ability to concentrate while singing “Incy Wincy Spider” and know the location of every public toilet. You will be experienced in loitering outside youth venues late at night.


Must be capable of pre-planning menus for varied appetites for at least 18 years. Supply of own milk to infants is required, as is frequent dinner preparation for large numbers.


You will be directly responsible for control of budget estimates, complaints and negotiations.


Must be able to exist without sleep for up to six days while completing other duties. Must display proficiency in caring for the sick in the early hours of the morning. Stain-removal ability is highly sought after in this category.

Early childhood educator

Must be able to recite the complete works of A.A. Milne and be cognisant of everything written about dinosaurs. Ability to make necklaces from macaroni and dental floss will be well regarded.


Must be able to design and sew rabbit outfits for concerts.


Applicants must have ability to detect and treat headlice, remove chewing gum from hair and cut straight fringe while receiving verbal abuse.

Bike engineer

Will need to be conversant with all aspects of bicycle maintenance, including fitting and removal of stabiliser wheels. Applicant must be able to repair punctures at a camping site. A first-aid certificate is required.

Veterinary assistant

Must care for and train a variety of pets after owner has relinquished ownership of them. Frequent feeding and cage cleaning required. Must be well-versed in neighbourhood resolution and conduct occasional burial services.

Painter and decorator

Will be conversant with removal of sticky products and graffiti from doors. An ability to paint ceilings while cooking an advantage.


Will have the ability to hold discussions on the telephone while someone is hanging off leg and someone is banging a tin with a wooden spoon. Must provide sustenance to teenagers on the phone to avoid medical effects of prolonged stasis.

Landscape gardener

Must be able to start lawn mower, operate gardening equipment and keep house plants alive. Must know and keep abreast of latest methods of composting, pruning, seed cultivation and tree surgery. Must know location of every mouse that has died and been buried.

Entertainment officer

You will coordinate sporting functions via telephone and trips to the school office. You will be required to coach games in all weathers and encouraged to enter into strong discussions with opposing fractions. Purchase and maintenance of equipment required. Must be able to hold parties, make jelly and invent games where everybody wins.

Adapted from Reader’s Digest January 2001 (pp.97-98)


sakura said...

A mother is definitely the best of the best! =)

Ohkulala said...

sakura: i totally agree.