Sunday, February 15, 2009

Labour pains

… or at the least the equivalent of it is what I’m suffering from – a blardy toothache. And its not just any freaking toothache, its one that involves a wisdom tooth and…. wait for it….. surgery!!!

Aaahh yes, the dreaded word – surgery. What I thought was a mere ulcer was cleverly hidden under the soft tissues at the very end of my mouth turned out to be a massive inflammation of the gums. I first noticed the slight pain on Sunday but quickly dismissed it. By Tuesday night, it had gotten considerably worse. Wednesday had me down with a blinding headache and a fever. I got myself into bed at a record breaking 9pm, tossed and turned and finally shot out of bed close to 1am. And then it dawned upon me, this is a wisdom tooth problem!!

I texted Ryan asking him to survey for dentists around my office or my house area. To which he came down, and quickly got me to the nearest hospital. I was prescribed with some powerful painkillers – panadiene and voltaren. My pain subsided enough for me to get 5 hours of shut eye. The next few days was spent with me surviving on painkillers to get through work.

I’m now back home. I had my upper left wisdom tooth removed yesterday. This helped with the pain a little. And on Tuesday, I’m off for my oral surgery, the second one in a span of 6 months.

It is amazing what I perceived as a mere ulcer/toothache can affect my daily life. In fact, pain to be more precise is something nobody should have to live with. My high threshold of pain also failed me this time around. Pain is so bad that sometimes it is the only thing I can think about. It consumes a lot out of a person, emotionally, mentally and physically draining. I will never ever underestimate the power of pain simply because I’ve never endured one of such forceful nature till now. So when my dentist said a toothache (especially when it has hit the nerves) is the equivalent of labour pains, I nodded in agreement.

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