Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hair Cut and Cost Cuts

I did one of the most random things today. Well, it is not outrageously random unless you're me. Coz you see, i got myself a hair cut. Yes, a cut, not a mere trim as i regularly do. I was thinking of getting a new hairstyle, preferbably something shorter as my hair is in its longest length ever grown and i'm in need of some change.
So while chit chatting with my mum today, i had this sudden urge to get myself a new hairstyle. And i'm the sort of person who has to go out doing something right when i feel like it. If i were to wait and further think, i usually end up not accomplishing it. So i changed and headed off to the salon immediately.
I must say i was a teeny tiny nervous about the haircut coz i've not had short hair for many many years. So i told my hairstylist Ron (who is so cute btw) that i'm putting my faith in him to make me look nice. Lol. You should have seen the look on his face when i said that. Plus i couldnt get something funky in case i need to attend job interviews.
Anyhow, here's how my hair now looks like. I've not spotted hair this short since i was 12!! I quite like the cut, simple and absolutely no-maintenance. I need a break after one year of taking care of my curls.
Tadaaaa.... the new haircut

And speaking of short hair and the current hike of petrol prices, i'm already doing my part. Shorter hair means less shampoo and less water therefore less expenditure. Smart right? *laughs*


Ping Ping said...

okay...u chopped of your hair.. =) love your costume that night..very elegant, and you are SO tall...

i was the short hunter. Did not managed to get picture from you. In fact there are lots of I dare not talk to cuz I cannot recognize them. XD

MiNiMinLi said...

Your hair! Your hair!!!!! =D

You look sooooo cute babes!!!... Hehe!!!

Azzam?? said...

hmm... what can i say.. u can even have a mohawk and still look good xD heheheheh love your new crown. and of course, good luck with the job interviews.. i'll officially welcome you to the working world after you land one! =D

Anonymous said...


- yuhhui - said...

OH gosh!! I love your long hair.. but well, you look great in short hair too! Looks bit younger tho. hehe

debra fong said...

pretty as ever: )
Love the new bob on you!

joshuaongys said...

nicee!!!!! really nice... serious!!

Ohkulala said...

Ping ping: yeah, chopped off the curls. thank you :). we'll definitely take a pic next party yeah.

Min Li: thanks dear~

Azzam: oooh thanks. you're making me blush. and i appreciate the wishes for the job interviews.

Author: :)

Yuh hui: i think i look like a kid now. hehehe

debra: thanks dear!

joshua: lol. thank you :)

khian said...

short hair eh? is it the in thing these days?

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

you cut your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whyyyyyyyyyy but it's ket :) but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

Santuary4jac said...

OMG... u cut ur hair short!!! was thinking of cut mine short also.. but kinda chickened out cause my hair is like curly (later will grow like hutan liar)..aiyoo.. damn jealous me!!! lol XD

Ohkulala said...

khian: not sure if its in the "in" thing now. i dont really keep up with trends

aronil: i had my loong hair for so many freaking years. the shortest they do get is shoulder length. so now chop chop and voila, they're super short!

jac: you hv curly hair - cool!. i've always wanted curly/wavy hair that's why i permed in a year back. hehe