Monday, June 23, 2008

Nuffnang's Wild "Live" Party

“Animals” of all nature were seen walking around like you and me in Modestos last Saturday. You can hear Roars, Mooos and Meows all over the place. The situation was however rather controlled as all animals were well behaved and well fed. What actually happened that day? Oh, you haven’t heard? Where have you been all this while? It was Nuffnang’s Wild “Live” Blogging party powered by Maxis Broadband you silly. *laughs*
Anyhow, here’s Clair the peacock reporting back to the animal kingdom after a lovely night out with the mortal beings. Wussy the Pussy couldn’t make it as he was sent on another secret mission elsewhere. I would say my mission went successfully. Never once was I mistaken for an actual animal. The peacock outfit worked beautifully. I have to thank Ah Tes for the magnificent work. *hugs*
Now, let’s get the show rolling.

With JB

With Joshua

With Ah Kie and Shad

With fellow Peacock

With Kenny Sia the Pooh

With Suet Li the ostrich

Ohkulala, Ah Kie, Linora, Min Li & Nick

With Liang, the host of the night

With Garreth aka Shaolin Tiger

With Amanda

With Su Ann

With Ah Kie and Debra


SJ said...

hey, its stan the tall guy dropping by to say hi :)

Suet Li said...

your dress is so pretty! *big wet eyes

Aronil said...

lol u know babes from where u are standing it looks like as if you have a tail.

joshuaongys said...

ouch.. i'm the only one without costume.... ><

Azzam?? said...

waaaaa... your dress.. kul, are all excellent!! xD hebat... hebat!!

debra fong said...

hey hey!:D

Great meeting you that night: )
And I love your dress!
so puhrettttyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Johnny Ong said...

really nice gown u have there on that nite

Firdauz takes 5 said...

didn't manage to take picture with u

but u and su ann damn funny one!

i laughed until cannot laugh anymore

Sammy says: said...

i think you're a very pretty peacock!
and your dress is extravagant
and i'm linkin u up 2 my blog!

JB said...

i must agree that it was an excelent dress!

princess mie said...

teehee~~ .. yea .. i cant decide which pics to choose .. :)

ohh .. i remmeber u .. cuz i heart ur dress a lot .. and still remembers u during the MADE OF HONOUR dinner :)

nice to meet u ..
*butterfly flying off*

Cynthia said...

good to meet u love :)

samantha said...

hey.. i was lurking around you (i was sitting at the lounge right behind you most of the time ;) like the cat that i was, but i didn't get to talk to you. le sigh.

anyway, you look really pretty that night, and your dress was simply spectacular. i wish i was that tall. at the first place. hahaha

*pandaaa said...

Hey! It was great meeting you that night. Got a photo of us up on my blog too!

Hope to see you soon!

Tony Leo Selvaraj said...

Hiya Kul!

Thanks for dropping by! I didnt even know I had a comment! hahaha.. :p anyway.. too bad we didnt have a pic together.. as if la, I came in with a costume! haha.. :p It was nice meeting you and frankie! :D

Simon Seow said...

So, Okulala is you. The beautiful girl with the longest dress.

DSvT said...

You looks like angel that night, so well dress up~

1st time at your blog~

Santuary4jac said...

hahaha... i think ms. ostrich is stepping on ur dress in that pic.. lol...

but heck, u look good in the dress! :) thumbs up!~

sakura said...

wow~another pretty long dress ^^
u nv fail to amaze me, hehe..

Ohkulala said...

SJ: hey stan, thanks for dropping by :)

Suet Li: I tot your ostrich costume was beautiful and so were the eyelashes!

Aronil: a tail? lol

Joshua: yeah la, next time must dress up k

Azzam: thank you very much :)

Debra: hey, thanks for taking the pic :)

Johnny Ong: thanks!

Firdauz: ooh, which one was you? next time dont shy shy la. hehee

Sammy: Thank you sammy for the dress compliment and the linking. yay, another blogger fren!

JB: well, your chicken outfit was pretty awesome too

Princess Mie: Thanks dear.

Cynthia: good to meet you too!

Samantha: thanks dear. and i promise i dont bite so next time you see me around, do say hi :)

Pandaa: Yippee!!

Tony: nvm, next time we take a pic together ya. dont know how come it didnt hit me that nite. lol

Simon: hahaha.... yes indeed, ohkulala is me, the girl with the longest dress.

DsvT: Thanks. and do drop by again :)

Santuary4jac: thanks dear

Sakura: hehehe... thanks sakura.

- yuhhui - said...

Wow.. your dress is really nice. u're always so lucky!! Manage to get your hands on these dresses.=)

Shad said...

hahha i knew it was you! but i wasnt sure, didnt wanna embarrass myself there. i was already in an outrageous costume..heh, i only found out after checking out other blogs.LOL. hehe i told bel that you're so photogenic!

Ohkulala said...

yuh hui: thanks dear :)

shad: ala, next time dont la shy shy. i promise i dont bite. lol and thank you!!

curryegg said...

Hi Ohkulala...
You're the 'peacock'!!!! Ahww.. I'm sorry about it.. DIdn't realize it is you! And nice new haircut! I feel like cutting my hair too!

P/s: Your dress is really gorgeous.. ;D

Ohkulala said...

curryegg: hey, thanks for dropping by. yeah, i was the peacock. and thanks dear for the compliments :)