Sunday, January 4, 2009

My New Toy

After 5 long loyal years, I put my handphone to rest. It served me very well but in the past few months have been showing signs of collapse from wear and tear and of course, its very matured age. I still remember the days where I grit my teeth with the phone gets cranky. One such incident where it stop vibrating anymore.

So, let me present to you my new toy: The Nokia N79! Seriously, after my old phone, the current one is a whole world of difference! Its got all this cool funky features that i know everyone else's phone got except mine. And i have yet to pick up the instruction manual prefering to explore its functions on my own. Of course i did come across not knowing how to undo a setting simply because i cant remember where the hell was the application/fuction/feature placed in the menu. Lol.

But i totally *heart* my phone. It was down to the N82, N85 and N79. I do wish the keypads were as soft as the N85 but the N85 is a slide phone and i know these generally dont last long, at least not at the rate i use my phone. The N82 while it has excellant features (actually, they're all pretty much the same), the keypads were just freaking ugly and hard to press. The N79 won hands down as it was candybar and the keypads albeit being a lil hard, were still much better and nicer too. You can read reviews of the N79 *here*.

And who i have to thank for the amazing birthday present - Dad!


cell phone family plans said...

nice toy you got there.. hope it will serve you better.. E79 is nice, no doubt about it..]

enjoy my lady..

Simon Seow said...

So nice your dad, I am still waiting for my sis to fix her old phone so that she can pass it to me.

Ohkulala said...

cell phone family plans: yeah, it's a really cool item to have. thanks

simon: aiyoh, you can buy ur own phone mah.

Cmate said...

I need a new phone!!!

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

i want too :D! niceee 1 kul~ :D