Thursday, December 4, 2008

It feels like high school

There were some things in high school which fades and then there are some which sticks till my grown up years.

“The Girl stalls at the corridor hoping to catch a glance at The Boy. Then there were the calls to the house phone where into the 20th minute, someone had to use the phone. The internet brought upon e-cards and long msn chats, again till someone had to use the computer. It is also the time where your heart skips a beat, you can’t help smiling, everything seems so magical. The excitement when The Boy comes over to say hi, chit chat for a bit in full view of your friends who are giggling behind your back.”

Ah yes, the high school days.

All those flashback both from experience and of friends kept my mind occupied during my 35 minute LRT ride to work this morning. In about a month, I will be 24 years old. Yet some things don’t go away even if you have aged 10 years from being a teenager.

The heart still skips a beat. The giggling has died but the excitement lives. Emails / Facebook have taken precedence over online chats. No one will bug me 20 minutes into the conversation because I have a handphone. Gone are the days about favourite bands (BSB & N’Sync comes to mind), the famous celebrities and hunks, the latest movies, who’s-with-who. This has evolved into talk about ourselves, interests, the looming economic downturn, political circus of our country, unit trusts, aspirations. “Hanging out” no longer revolves around a mall.

Yeah, I have grown but a thing like a crush is here to stay.


Azzam?? said...

=) yeaaa... we still get that occasional crushes and all..
but this time around, u can just go and tell him.. =p

Sanjeev said...

-end of comment-

Crabbed!! said... you feel 24?
Back then, 24 sounded so adult to me. And yet, here we 24.
Maybe it's just be but, damn...I still feel like a kid.

sakura said...

let's age gracefully together =)
we always have each other...

Simon Seow said...

Who you got a crash on? :p

Ohkulala said...

azzam: haha...

sanjeev: ehem yang penuh bererti :P

crabbed: i dont feel 24, i dont feel like a kid. i'm just somewhere in btwn.

sakura: yippee. perhaps we'll give each other tips about our aches and bumps in our golden years.

simon: its a crush, not crash la.