Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nothing is enough

The brown eyes circled in grey
The very enchanting eyelashes
The slender long fingers
Sturdy, firm arms
The way the two palms fit like
lock and key.

The scarf hiding the beautiful hair
The innocent shy smile
The sincere, genuine words which
melts the heart
like barbequed marshmallows
sends the shivers down the spine
and butterflies in the stomach.

Every imperfection adds character
The scars so personal, they hurt,
The embrace so tight
it grips the heart, mind and soul
The missing and longing of
the warmth, touch, nearness and presence
One makes all the difference
and nothing is ever enough.


Cmate said...

Love this poem... really good!

By the way, have a jolly good Christmas with your loved ones and family! And a fantastic 2009 ahead of you too!

Ohkulala said...

cmate: thanks dear! you too have a wonderful christmas and a great year ahead :)

abi said...

Been a while since i dropped by your blog and the postings are soo different from not too long ago! ;)

Nice work!

Hope you had a good xmas and here's to a superb 09! :)

Ohkulala said...

abi: hey abi, thanks for dropping by. well, changes did bring upon a new kind of posts. merry xmas to you and to an excellant 2009 ahead.