Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heading to East Malaysia

It's been forever, i know. But there is just wayy to many things that have happened to start all over. So ill skip over the months and get to the point, I'll be moving to Miri. When i first got the news, i was surprised. Stunned and rather unpleasantly too.

However, in preparing to go there, I'm actually a little excited. I would definitely make the best use of my time there. I think of it as a blessing, i just don't really know what is it exactly. But i am certain that there is a reason for me to go to Miri, things dont just happen at random. Maybe it is to teach me something, get me closer to nature, work on fitness on a more sports basis.

I've got a tonne of plans in my head though i would like to be a lil realistic about them. I figured i should give myself some time to familiarize with Miri and also the workload before i dive in into dance class, singing lessons, language class, holidaying here and there, exploring caves etc.

Miri, here i come. I look forward to meeting you on Oct 27th :)

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Coffee Girl said...

So? how was your first day in Miri? not so bad right? i think compared to Kuching, Miri is more forward-looking. :-) Hope u have a blast!

Anyway, just blogjumping. Nice site. Good luck with Miri!