Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What would you like to drink?

A typical Malaysian respond would be

“Anything la”
“Whatever also can la”

Hence the very smart brainy neighbours of ours across the Straits of Tebrau came up with the drink called Anything and Whatever. A simple idea and voila, it works! I’m sure when you hear of it, you’re probably thinking there’s nothing special to the name. You probably also think that there’s nothing special and that you could have come up with that on your own. But it’s the name itself that hits the bull eye to our everyday conversation.

On a grocery shopping trip to Jusco, I was there browsing the shelves when the entire supermarket went to complete silence with my high pitched squeal. I spotted Whatever and half ran to grab a can. My incorrigible speed-of-lighting trying to explain how amazing it is I found the drink for the first time here fell to deaf ears coz nobody could understand me.

I could not find Anything anywhere in Jusco so I hope the next time I’m around ill be able to get it. Seeing that we are drinking Anything (carbonated) or Whatever (non-carbonated), the flavours are pre-decided and you’ll be in for a surprise with each can. For my first can, my Whatever flavour was Apple Tea which was really nice. What I liked even more was that it wasn’t so sweet. Yippee!!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a can of Anything or Whatever for a plesant drinking session ahead. *laughs* They are available in Jusco and 7-Eleven stores nationwide at RM1.60

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joshuaongys said...

lolx more n more ppl blogging bout this drink already =X

[YeOp] said...

Seriously I don't know at all about this. I'm gonna find 'Anything' or 'Whatever' at 7-E soon. Sedap ke?

P/S: Ask for commission from the manufacturer. You already helped them to promote those brand new drinks! Hahaha~ :P

Isaac said...

I think I really have to pick up one of these.. Looks like its one of the in things, these days...

Ohkulala said...

Joshua: yeah, it started out with boss stewie :)

yeop: yeah, go try. its pretty nice :)

isaac: yup, go pick it up. quite the in thing la these days. :)

sakura said...

haha~~ 2day after u helped me with the clothes selecting (thx gal!), I brought E to the supermarket, telling her excitedly 'kul said got this drink called Anything & Everything'.. haha.. we really found it!

Ohkulala said...

sakura: oohhh, you found it? Cool!!!

Simon Seow said...

It's RM 1.80!!! I got Whatever White Grape found it to be too sweet for me.

Ohkulala said...

simon: i bought it for RM1.60. i included the price tag in my pic :P