Sunday, July 6, 2008

Questions, Questions, Questions

Have you ever wondered about life? Why are we here? What is our purpose on earth? What is it that we have to learn or achieve? How can some people be considered successful and others not? Who defined success in the first place? And in whose eyes?

Why are some people born rich, others poor? Is the world really fair? If we humans are really all the same, how come we face racial discrimination? Why do woman face discrimination because of their sex? Why do women face the glass ceiling? How come man can get away with things more easily than their counterpartners?

Are we here to protect mother earth? Because if we are, I don’t think we’re doing a great job at it. Are we here to procreate and then die?so, is life just about living day to day, doing what is expected out of us, going through some cycle everyone went thru? So what, we get borne, become kids who become teenagers who become adults, who work and then look after their parents, have kids of their own, grandparents, teach and learn along the way and then what, die??? Like seriously, is that all there is to life?

So some say, we do all that and more. What are that “more” factor are we referring to? Giving away to the poor, charity works, volunteering? Doing the best we can? Aiming for the stars to achieve our full potential?

Now, let’s say we do all that. But why do we need to do all that for? For show sake so others can view us as good people? Do it because it is expected or because it’s a good thing? What? Why? How? Who sets all this?

Everytime I move even an inch away from the norm, from what society expects out of me, I get grabbed back into that cycle with long lectures of doing what I apparently need to so. Acceptance is key in life apparently. I question this key I supossedly posses. I didn’t ask for it. Why can’t I live my life the way I want to, without judgement, prejudice and ridiculous expectations?

And in living my life, I can’t promise everything will turn out hunky dory. But I can promise these; in everything I do, I’ll do my best. I’ll learn in every possible situation. I’ll make the best of what is given to me and strive for even more. I will give as much as I receive because I believe the more I give, the more I receive. I will lead a life in pursuit of happiness. Just don’t tell me that I need to be with a person of a certain nature to be happy, I need to be with a certain crowd to be happy, I need to do certain things in certain ways to make others happy and therefore be happy. Because then it wont be living, it would be a dictated life of living.

So many questions, so many answers to seek. And this is just a tip of the ice-berg. I have to ask because i'm tired of just going with the flow without any reason. This is my pursuit of happiness.


Azzam?? said...

gboww.. woowww~!! very emotional! and very strict and determined at the same time.. maybe u can start learning to not give a damn on what people say. not trying to dictate your life here.. walk the line, doesnt matter straight, oval, zig-zagged.. as long as u reach the end, it'll be okay xD

Ohkulala said...

azzam: i generally do not care much of what people say. but i have people around me who shakes me real hard and sometimes force me to bother. sigh