Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Couch

Sophie wasn’t sure what was she suppose to feel. Every time she looked at it, a different emotion is brought up. It’s a messy state of happiness, joy, laughter mixed in dough with sadness, hurt and despair. She felt cheated. She felt robbed of her one and only bliss and comfort she found in life. And that one thing was rudely taken away from her too early, too soon.

Today she felt like hurling the vase of those beautiful plastic ever blooming sunflowers onto it. “How dare they still remain nonchalant over what has happened?”

She ran her fingers over the soft brown material covering its body. She wanted to buy the darker shade but Jake convinced her this shade of brown suited the hall much better. “It would go with your mahogany coffee table my dear,” he said as he took her hand into his.

Hot fiery tears trickled down her cheeks. Her eyes are blazing with fury and hatred. Just days ago the couch had a certain warmth about them, a soothing effect to a tired body from a long way of work. No matter how late or exhausted Jake is, his smile shines through the room and Sophie aches for his strong hands to rub her back to iron out the creases of her worn out muscles. Today, all she is left with is that memory.

The couch was the silent observer witnessing everything Sophie and Jake when through. It was on the first day of spring when Sophie realized she loved Jake while she watched him reading the papers on his favourite spot of the couch. It was a month before that she actually finally let someone into her life for the very first time and she remembered how scared she was letting Jake in. The couch saw Sophie truly caring for someone in her life when she had already given up on love and life altogether. The couch Sophie and Jake lay on as the watch TV, played boring scrabble, kissed passionately with the biggest bear hugs it takes away your breath, now is just an ordinary couch, the same commercial couches you see by the windows of furniture shops as you walk past them.

Jake died today. The couch died with Jake today. A piece of Sophie’s heart was ripped out and stabbed. Sophie felt like she died today, she died with the couch; she died with the love of her life. A chunk of Sophie died along with Jake today.


- yuhhui - said...

wow. you really can write. Aspiring writer? =)

- yuhhui - said...

btw, forgot to ask you. what happened to your friend ? people actually stay away from him huh.. Our society is filled with people with apathy.. sad case.

Azzam?? said...

i hope it's metaphorical.. give a comforting pat to the back to Sophie for me will ya?

joshuaongys said...

wow, this is really.... nice nice =)

got life after jake's death ar??

Ohkulala said...

yuh hui: hehe... i'm trying my hands at writing. am still very new and raw at it.

those who didnt know remained friends, those who did stayed away. its sad how society is to people with HIV.

azzam: i will pat sophie for you :P

joshua: well, life goes on for sophie. but it wont be the same without jake.