Saturday, July 5, 2008

V’s Love for Music

Have you been in a situation where you love what you do but due to circumstances, are halted along the way? And when you were stuck, did you wish you had someone to help you out?

Well, this is the situation a dear friend of mine is in. V’s love of music is much bigger than his body can contain. He was studying engineering at one point of time but felt his calling for music much greater and left to pursue his dreams. Along the way, he met with constant challenges but never once did he give up.

After loads of hard work and toil, he finally had his dream job of managing a band which is now a household name in Malaysia. Alas, his dream was cut short. A week after that, his tenant called to say he has to move out at the end of the month as she is selling the apartment. Things became from difficult to tough very quickly.

So here I am asking if anyone of you readers out there who knows or would like to hire a person who is committed, dedicated and passionate about music, managing bands and artists, who isn’t afraid of hard work and would go the extra mile to make sure he doesn’t do a good job but a Great Job.

V’s an infant in the tough and choppy music industry. He has dabbled with the trade for two years on his own and 7 months professionally. And V is currently looking for a job in this field of work. While he may lack experience, he makes it up with his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. I have faith in what he does because he is not afraid to beat the odds.

While everyone plays it safe with professional careers which brings along the supposed stability and financial security, it is the fact that he’s doing something so different from most people I know that makes him more outstanding. V does not know I’m writing this about him but a part of me felt like I had to do something to help. I can’t just sit here doing nothing when I see so much of potential in a good friend and think what a waste to see it just go right away before my very own eyes. And I don’t really know how to help because I’m as clueless.

I recently met V up. He still maintains his optimism and passion about his dream. But that twinkle in his eyes are missing and I can tell he is concerned over what the future lays. How nice it would be if I could tell him that everything will be ok. But I can’t because I don’t know myself. Seeing him across the table with the fading glimmer of hope made me a little sad because in front of me is a person who has so much to offer and yet no path is visible at this point of time.

I’m writing this as a friend who is trying to help out another friend. I do lend my support and I cheer in all hisgood days and am around to listen on not-so-good-days. But if you dear readers do know if there are any job openings, vacancies or people who could possibly help V get a job in his much loved music industry, I will be very grateful. Do drop a comment, give me a buzz or an email. I truly appreciate it and I’m positive V would too. Because I’m sure you too have a friend who you would help out in his / her time of need. And I need your help to help my friend in his hour of need.

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Obefiend said...

musical dream. i think every hot blooded male between the age of 15-22 harboured that dream at least once. i had mine when i was 19. realised at 21 that this is just a fad and its not a realistic drema. yeah i quit ages ago. thank god i did. i admire your friend for sticking to his guns. takes a lotta courage to stay in a the entertainment industry. but i just have to say one thing. sometimes in life in order to survive one has to be realistic. when things does not go your way and all the signs telling you to quit maybe........ you should seek greener pastures.


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