Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My memory has lapsed and failed me again. i cannot believe i forgot! thank heavens i had some sense to call superman to confirm my flight details or else i would have missed it altogether.
i'm speaking about my flight to kuching to attend the world famous Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF). and the tickets were booked somewhere in april and since it was sooo long ago, i really thought that superman booked the 1pm tickets. little did i know, my excitement to go for the event was so HUGE that i actually demanded ( ok, no la, i excitedly jumped up and down while talking) that he booked us the 9.45am tickets. i wanted to explore kuching since i'm already going all the way there. so an earlier flight would give us more time to go sightseeing and my favourite activity of all - EATING!!!
it all came back to me when i was talking to superman. phew... i would kill myself if i had missed the flight because i've been wanting to go for RWMF for years and years. but it always comes down to two reasons - money or rather the lack of it and time as it falls during the first week of the semester.
you know what's the best part? going for rainforest is my graduation present from my parents. yippee!! my heart's still beating so fast from thinking how could i possibly think i was on the 1pm flight? like seriously, i'm so known for wanting to make the best out of everything, so how could i think i would have asked superman to book such a late flight when we could have gone at 7am or 9.45am. I've already researched (yes, google is a life-saver) of places to eat and explore in kuching. thank heavens i didnt leave that to the 11th hour of i'll be scolding myself.
anyhoo, i have to run. will need to go pack my bags coz i'm headed to KL tomorrow. and thanks AA for telling me to load up on insect repellant. apparently they are very fiesty over the east.
will update when i get back. im soooo freaking excited. and i get to see my besties from kerteh and bintulu too!. YiPPeE!!


- yuhhui - said...

You better take pictures of the Rainforest world music festival! It sounds darn interesting. Blog about it ok? =)
Hehe..and.. you need weight gain too? Your figure is like.. PERFECT!! coupled with ur heightg.. it's an envy to everyone la.. Esp when you parade all the nice dresses.. hehe

Ohkulala said...

yuh hui: i'll definitely load up on pics for rainforest and blog bout the event.