Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Got A Nose Job

And you reading this right now have absolutely no right to judge me. Hah. I got the plastic surgery done simply because I can do it, I felt like it and well, I hated my original nose of course.

Well, I wanted to write about this earlier but I was in quite a lot of pain and my face really swelled up so I literally cooped myself up at home. But the bandages have been removed, the swell has completely gone and now I feel *much* better, I can write what happened.

I have always never quite liked how my nose looks like. There is a slight bump on it and that bump seem to be magnified over the years as I grew more and more conscious of it. I personally felt the bump was a scar to my confidence. I have always find it hard to believe people when they tell me I look just fine and that I should be thankful that I’m still perfect in every other way, I have all my limbs perfection functional, the mental capacity of a person my age, independence, a good education. But when put on a weighing scale, the bump weighs a tonne in the con over all my pros.

If you believed a word of the above, you have been conned! Oh, but the bump on my nose is completely true. Kiss of Cupid and not swear to die.

I did not have a nose job! Siow ah.

Instead, I had a surgery to remove a wisdom tooth. I wish I had a picture of my X-Ray to show you the angle and position of my tooth. It was so awkwardly positioned because of the lack of space and the tooth had to force its way up to grow.

See the crooked wisdom tooth in the pic? Now imagine my teeth was lying 90 degrees flat and part of tooth peeking through the gums!

The dentist noted this problem about a year ago but I was really not up to the idea of a surgery. Like come on, it’s a tooth for crying out loud! And since I didn’t feel any pain, I basically left it alone somehow hoping the problem would vanish. But I’m too smart to know that it wouldn’t but the thought of going under the knife is scary. As a teenager, I endured 2 years of torturing braces treatment followed by a year of wearing retainers that made me talk funny and now this??! Sigh

Well, the dentist used reverse psychology to scare me into the surgery which I’m afraid didn’t work because I knew exactly what was he doing. These were factual no doubt but I swept them to the darkest, furthest corner of my mind so that I will not be affected by it.

a) When you are stressed especially during exams, naturally your immune system will be more vulnerable. And it is in times like these you will experience agonising pain but by then it will be too late. Swelling is also common and mere painkiller will not do the trick.

b) If I stubbornly leave the bad wisdom tooth to naughtily have its way of things, it will pressure and move the adjacent teeth. The long term effects is that I will start to lose my teeth 10 years before my peers. *Eekss*

So while I’m home, I told myself, let’s solve this teething problem and voila, I went for my surgery. Incisions had to be made on my cheek flesh and there was a huge risk on this procedure because there is a muscle running right through it. If not properly done and the muscle gets cut, I will lose all sensation on my right side and will no longer be able to fully control my mouth movement and speech. Phew…. So I gulped down my fear of all these and put in faith in my dearest dentist hoping for the best.

I was put under local anaesthesia but the dentist insisted I closed my eyes so I cant tell you what when on except that there were weird sounds of the suction and a drill – yes a drill to break my apparently very monstrous wisdom tooth into smaller pieces to remove it more easily.

The stitches have been removed and the wound is recovering very well. I had a day of porridge and when the anaesthesia wore out, the pain was !@#%^& painful. Oh, guess what I was told, I may have to undergo the same surgery for the wisdom tooth on my left. Ggrrr….

Let me ask you this, I’ve lost both my wisdom teeth on my right side (top and lower jaw each) and will be removing the two on my left side. Does that mean I will be less wise?


Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Hahahahah you sly woman you!! I was wonderign why your face was hurting.. hoho the nose was funny... and ohh you had wisdom tooth taken out.. ahh i feel your pain i had all four of mine taken out lol..

blardy heck nose job!! haha

Johnny Ong said...

i think i had the same problem as u. i went for surgery and it was the last tooth. they had this small sheet covering the whole inner mouth except the particular tooth (just like those seen in operation theatre). mine took almost 2 hrs.

at first i was thinking how am i going to have the strength to open my mouth for that long ..... haha

Ohkulala said...

linora: the naughty side of my couldnt resist having a lil bit of fun with the "nose job"

johnny ong: same here. by the time the procedure was over, my mouth felt funny from opening so long. hehe

[YeOp] said...

what is nose job actually?

blow job or hand job i know la! HAHAHA!

Sorry. Sorry. Just kidding~ :P

- yuhhui - said...

=='. i actually thought you went for a nose job. very convincing.

Ohkulala said...

yeop: ish ish ish... naughty fellow!

yuhhui: ooh, you fell for it too?!

Cybermate said...

That diagram looks like my wisdom tooth. I had 4... now I have only two. Got rid of the other two cause it was growing horizontally. NOw waiting for time to get rid of the rest... its growing the wrong way totally!!

Douglas Penland said...

Wow. You're very brave, I must say. Though the procedure sounds scary, I still feel your confidence there. You sounded like a fighter -- in a good way, of course. Yeah, having wisdom teeth is quite painful at first. It still depends on the person, though. My dentists told me before about my wisdom tooth but I didn't give a fuss 'coz I thought nothing bad will happen. And... I was right! Last time I visited the hygienist in Murfreesboro, TN for cleaning, he was surprised to know that I haven't experienced anything bad since I got all four of my wisdom teeth. Haha!