Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Besties Weekend in Meow City

I’m back from Cat City!! And I had a great weekend. While I was there to attend the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), it was catching up with my besties that was a bigger highlight of the weekend. I missed them so much so it was so fantastic to meet them after 7 months. We spent a solid 5 years together, 7 months feel like an atrociously long time before we meet. Plus work brought them so far away from me, with Ah Nee in Bintulu and Ah Hua in Kerteh.

We stayed up talking, chit chatting, gossiping and everything that happens when you put girls together in one breathing space. We also shopped for souvenirs with the favourite questions, “Eh, do you think this is nice ah?”, “If I bargain this for half price, you think can ah?”, “Oh, you’re getting that, me too!!” etc. The ruckus we girls made as we ransacked the shops of Main Bazaar equipped with our amateur bargaining skills was hilarious. It reminds me of the ladies of Sex and The City when they get together.

I felt like I was transported back to uni days when we hang out and have a great time. I really missed them and all our experiences together. The weekend was consoling, refreshing and glued us together even closer. Distance brought us physically apart but we’re always be besties in heart.

Now, let me talk a bit about Kuching and its people. The first thing to note was Kuching is very clean; superman even thought we were in Singapore! The people are very friendly, nice and so accommodating. We made friends everywhere we went, in queues, the shuttle bus, those who within 1 metre radius of where we sat during the festival, everywhere! When we wanted to cross the road, cars actually stop to allow us to cross. I have never ever experienced this anywhere else in Malaysia.

When superman and I were walking along the streets of Kuching near the Waterfront, I thought the sight of us in our sunnies, camera on my left hand, clutching a map on my right hand with a cap to shelter against the fury of the sun was a funny sight. So I thought that it was no big deal when I saw eyes trailing superma and I, plus I didn’t want to seem perasan, after all there were tonnes of tourist around. Not until an hour in Meow City that I realised I didn’t see any Indians around. So, superman and I looked like foreigners in our own country!! People smile, nodded, looked, stared and all not because we looked like tourist but the fact we look so different from the locals. Talk about being local celebrities *ahem* And seriously, I can’t differentiate the people there. Almost everyone looks like a mix between Malay and Chinese, I can’t tell them apart.

I’ll update more on the Rainforest festival right after I sort out the hundreds of pictures I took. Stay tuned~

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