Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm in Kuching!

Yes, i'm here blogging when i should really be taking a nap. but i simply cant sleep. superman and i barely slept last nite. he had 3 hours, i had 5. while i still feel alright, when we arrive, we were like two zoombies roaming the streets looking completely lost. seriously, i think we make a funny sight because cluthed in my hand is a map looking for the street signs and landmarks. and superman tagged along coffee deprived where he says the quirkiest things which sets me laughing. its funny what coffee or the lack of it does to a coffee lover. oh, and he actually got his dose of caffein in coffee bean before we boarded the plane this morning. i guess one drink alone was not enough.

so while superman is catching a nap and i'm tired of tossing and turning, i came here instead. i was really looking high and low for Bishopgate Cafe which is famous for their Kolo Mee and Teh C Special Peng to have lunch. we walked the entire street to no avail. and that's when i noticed everywhere we went, people look and stare. it dawned upon me that everyone we met were chinese or of local ethinicity. so while we're malaysians, we probably look like complete outsiders, foreign even to them. even the guy at our backpackers asked if we were Malaysians!!

i love the backpackers i'm staying at. it's called Singgahsana Lodge. It's quaint, homey, cosey and just so simple and nice. when i checked out the bathrooms and toilets, i almost did a happy dance coz it is sparkling clean! the staff are friendly and i love the atmosphere here. it feels like home away from home. will load up pics when i get back.

well, i gotta run. superman's up and we're gonna head out soon. i'm looking forward to more of the Teh C Special Peng coz it's so nice! i'm so freaking *happy* i'm here!!


Ah Sha said...

hieeee babe! have fun at the festival! gosh i wish i was there too.. :\
oh well, do take lotsa pics! can't wait to hear from you :)

- yuhhui - said...

I can't wait for the pics. =) or videos.. for that matter. hehe

Ah-Bong said...



and yeah, we don see a lot of indians in kuching. lots of chinese and local natives. very few indians. ;) enjoy feeling foreigner! haha

Azzam?? said...

wah... looks like somebody is having fun over there.. =D went there last month for a wedding.. all i can say is.. i wanna go there again~!! xD

Ohkulala said...

ah sha: will take loads of pics! ah nee and ah hua sends you their bear hugs.

yuhhui: yup2, will uplodad the pics and if possible some videos too :)

ah bong: its your hometown?? really? i didnt know that. the kolo me and sarawak laksa was delicious! and yeah, i did get stared at. it was as if i wasnt in malaysia. a foreigner in my own country. lol

azzam: kuching was a blast! and yeah, i totally wanna go back. the people there are SO NICE!!