Monday, July 7, 2008

The Only Child

Sis B and Sis S have gone back to campus leaving me the only child at home. So after so many years, I’m now the kid of the house! Yes, I’m quite grown-up to sound so happy but I’ll take whatever comes along.

The house is quieter without them. I no longer have to endure Sis B’s lectures on my slackness of whatever that she seeks slacking. The downside is I don’t have someone to share the chores especially during the last week when she was home. Sis S will be back for the weekend as she always does but she’s so quiet I doubt it would make much of a difference.

My best companion is my music. I’ve burnt a few hundred mp3s to play as I work around the house because I don’t think I can take listening to the radio any longer. They keep repeating their songs. For crying out loud, I think I’ll puke if I hear 4 minutes by Madonna, JT and Timbaland for the umpteenth time today. The overplaying of it spoils the good song altogether.

So yes, the only child can be spoilt for a bit. I don’t have to share anything and I get all the attention in the world. Lol. Ok, I was kidding. But yeah, it’s a nice change.


Jim said...

kidnap yourself a dog. :) its nice to have dogs really.

Ohkulala said...

hahahhaa.... thanks for the suggestion. will consider it.

[YeOp] said...

i guess we are in the same boat. i'm also the only 'child' at home now. both my lil bro & lil sis r still studying (and they r staying at their hostel).

my best companion? computer & internet! surfing, downloading, chatting, bla bla bla. LOL

Ohkulala said...

yeop: yeah, the internet is also my friend now. same situation la.