Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another reason to love the fact i'm getting outta here

Remember i mentioned the terrible internet connection in uni not too long ago? Guess what - it just got worse!

Here's an announcement posted up on the Thailand students' portal:

GOOD NEWS, starting from today (23rd April 2008) UTP will not provide TMNET Streamyx (wireless internet connection) anymore and LAN will be limited to educational websites and download up to100KB ONLY.

Can you imagine us student who already had to endure living in the desert here and now they top it off with this? For crying out loud, the internet - by which i mean emails, YM (since MSN is banned, what did i tell you?), gtalk, facebook, friendster, myspace etc etc are pretty much our only means of being in touch with the rest of the world. Without the internet, gosh, it will feel like we're not only in a desert but a tiny desert clammed by a huge coconut shell.

The internet fluctuates tremendously, worse than a PMS-ing female. And I cant remember the last time i sent an email (attachement included) that's less than 100kb. Gosh, even the weekly reports i email my supervisor is larger than that. So there you go, I'm glad I will be outta this place soon enough.

Oh wait, i forgot to mention, the uni is also planning on shutting down mirc and dc++ (our P2P network, which i prefer to call the piracy heaven) as it is apparantly the cause of slow connections. Shutting mirc and dc++ is NOT the solution. I think the solution is crystal clear - increase our bandwith! Gosh, its not like the uni is poor or anything. We have the backing of the richest company in Malaysia for Christ sake. Shheeshhh.... some people just do not think out of the box. Oh well...


Queer Ranter said...


Felt like shouting too. :P

Ohkulala said...

I feel the pain the way you do. ggrrr ITMS!