Sunday, April 6, 2008


Last night, Ah Kie and I attended the Festival of the Colours of The World (FESCO). It is a series of cultural performances and dances from 10 institutes of higher learning. I felt like I was watching a Malaysian Festival, the whole Malaysia, Truly Asia right before my very eyes. As usual, Ah Kie and I camwhored before the show started. We took pictures with the dancers, their costumes were elaborate and so colourful!

I was surprised to see the MCs, they were friends of our batch. Kinda shocking seeing that we're in the final semester, most people shy away due to the immense work load we have. But they said they're doing it one last time, for old times sake. Aww... so sweet.

We also took the front seats to get a better view. Oh, and let's not forget our 10 seconds of fame when we appeared on the main screen singing the uni's song at the end of the function :P.
So I leave you with my favourite pic of the night.

Kiss Kiss


Queer Ranter said...

Oh will you look at my face! Its flawless!

*grin :P

Ohkulala said...

wkakaka... actually i noticed it when i was resizing the pic. no matter how much i enlarge the pic, there were no open pores. amazing! so here's go good skin and a great tan :)