Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pussies are fattening

“Seriously, pussies are fattening? Where the hell do you get something like that from? OMG”

“There is a theory on that actually. Guys fuck guys and there are no strings attached. Therefore they keep fit to look good for their next fuck. But guys who do pussies get satisfied very easily especially when they are married. They no longer have to look good hence they get fat. So, pussies are fattening.”

Now, if you think that conversation is weird, hold your horses. That’s just the beginning. We coin loads of words over the years referring to sexual pleasures, organs, people, twists of the horny mind etc. For example we have Titsy (guys with protruding tits), Oily (for girls who are overweight), buncit and the more common ones like hot, sizzling, limp, lame and the list is endless.

It adds flavour to the things we say. No wonder I was called Corny back then, not that what I said was actually corny and cheesy, it’s the way I say things. I know it’s up their minds but nobody says it so I do and it usually leaves everyone in stitches and of course the occasional groans and slightly embarrassed faces.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. We don’t only talk bout things like sex, fuck buddies, hot bodies, sizes and measurements, boobs and butt. Those are just some of the things we talk about. We also talk about global warming, who got thrown out of uni because they stupidly got caught red handed, job hunting and when are our next assignments due. We just do not deny talking about the less discussed topics, those that some people shy away from. Seriously, if you are thinking it, why hide it and pretend like it isn’t there. Conversations of this nature are best shared over lunch with doses of laughter and giggles. I think it’s on par with shopping therapy.

So if pussies are fattening, what about cocks, do they have the same effects? Coz poor me needs some flesh here. Or maybe I need another pussy. Hhmmm… *ponders*


Ah Sha said...

ahhaahah. yea, had me in stitches alright. the things the boys come up with....lolx :D

Queer Ranter said...


We shall have petitions on banning pussies! Bad for health.

puvanan said...

I seriously need to gain some weight over here. And, now I know what to look for! *grins*

AJiT said...

nw i noe y i put up 10kg la....gosh...hw much i must hav had la...hehehe...

Ohkulala said...

ah sha: trust the boys to come with "creative" things like this :P

QR: if you ban pussies, wat bout us girls? you cant possibly ban us now can you?

puvanan: look at the right places!

ajit: ahem ahem... dont need to reveal how much you had. lol