Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The End

2 weeks ago, I attended an interview with company S where I met the most interesting interviewer, Xena. The experience was memorable to say the least.
Results are out. I didn't get through the final screening.
No hard feelings, I did do and try my best, I can't think of how could I have changed it to make it better.
To those who got through the final screening this Friday, all the best. It is the final leg of the journey and I wish you all success :)


SaKuRa@YinHwa said...

hey,kul~dun be too disappointed, u know u did ur best and the experience u gain fm it is priceless. it's an eye-opener n u'll do better in the future, tat's for sure ^_^

jz dropping by,

Ohkulala said...

OMG, yin hwa, you dropped by and left a comment. woo hoo!! looks like the internet in ur uni was a lil better behaved huh? lol

well, i did learn from this experience and i guess things happen for a reason.