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Science of Life Systems 24/7

A very dear friend of mine, Raj Ridvan Singh, is a co-founder of Science of Life Systems 24/7 (SOLS24/7) together with his brother, Dhinu Dhaveer Singh and father Max Singh. SOLS 24/7 is a multi-awarded youth-run organization that offers a comprehensive training and -boarding program on life-skills education for disadvantaged and at-risk youths.

The organization started out in Cambodia in year 2000 and now SOLS24/7 is the largest non-formal education provider in Cambodia, establishing 23 self-sustainable provincial centers taking in as much as 2,500 students a year. They then branched out to Timor Leste 2 years ago and now the organization opened their latest new center in Melaka, Malaysia in November. They currently have 22 students enrolled in their Science of Life program and are looking for another 38 vibrant young people to join them.

Here’s how you can do your part to help SOLS24/7 with their good work, spread the word about the organization, their programs and centre. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and you may have made a big difference in someone’s life.
From SOLS24/7's Blog

If you could take the time to change one person’s life, would you do it?

As our hectic schedules take over and the pressures from work, family and friends seep into our day, it’s easy to shelf our plans to give a bit back to society and make a difference.

Most do not have the time or expertise to lift those in need out of the vicious cycle of poverty, ignorance and lack of education that they are trapped in. But there are avenues for those who have a desire to make a resounding difference. There are people and organizations with the skills and drive to answer the needs of those often overlooked and misguided by a fast changing world. To make a bigger impact however, they need people with compassion, firm voices and helping hands who can see through the ‘lost causes’ of society and envision their potential for greatness.
We at SOLS 24/7 completely believe in the progress and life-changing experience that takes place when people are given guidance and the opportunity to achieve greatness. SOLS 24/7 is an internationally renowned and awarded NGO which educates youth from various strata of society to break out of society’s blueprint to become skilled, responsible, dynamic, disciplined, loving and socially conscious.
Most young people are left with little or no guidance on how to conduct their lives. They are not trained to be disciplined, to face challenges of the real world or working life, and many of them take things for granted. Youths are the future leaders of any nation. They are the ones who are responsible for the development of their country. Development can only happen when the people themselves take the initiative and effort to change and develop their country.
RM 5.3 billion was allocated during the 9th Malaysia Plan period to develop and equip youths with leadership qualities, entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. Additionally there was emphasis to develop wholesome individuals with high moral values.
These are noble endeavors; however, a lack of holistic training still exists. Large pockets of communities in Malaysia can not afford a higher education and thus stand very little or no opportunity to gain a better future. To add to their handicap, many are not aware of or know how to break out of their cycle of poverty and destruction.

It is suggested in New Research in Asian Studies that youth should be treated as a key indicator of the state of a nation. The number of youth in Malaysia was 41.5% of the population in 2005. This means that almost half of the population was facing social challenges such as substance abuse, pre-marital sex, the ‘lepak’ culture and moral decadence which will undoubtedly hamper Malaysia’s development progress. (Development, Media and Youth issues in Malaysia - Samsudi A Rahmin)

Malaysia is a country full of opportunity, but these opportunities can only be seized through hard work, a sincere and well balanced character and the possession of the right work attitude and principles. We have setup a training & boarding center in Malaysia that answers and supports the goals set by the government.

Currently 22 students are training in our center; we are searching for 38 more students to take the program to the next level, and now we need YOUR help to reach out to the country’s youth and to spread awareness of the availability of our program as well as your helping hands to join us as a volunteer or sponsor. The 24-month boarding & training program, is offered to all youths between the ages of 16 to 25 who have a desire to enhance their life, secure job placements, initiate a business and live in love & unity.

The program consists of hard skills, which include mastering Office English, Business, Computer skills, etc. Soft skills such as developing character, confidence, discipline, leadership, etc are also given a priority in the curriculum. Full scholarships are offered to students from low-income families, refugees, orphans, orang asli and school dropouts.

Providing equal opportunities for boys and girls, the program has made it a policy to accept the same number of male and female students. Thus female students may join without prerequisites, but male students can only register if they are accompanied by a female student.SOLS 24/7 uses a personalized method of teaching, where students and teachers touch base daily to ensure a continuous progress both academically and character wise.

Using a one-to-one approach to teaching, the minds and behaviour of students are cultivated using a balanced approach of love and discipline. Students tackle academic and character-building skills as well as social consciousness lessons which highlight issues such as domestic violence, drug alcohol and tobacco abuse, HIV Aids, religious tolerance and practices community service such as gotong-royong and blood donations.The students have a packed daily schedule.

Other than academic classes they also participate in daily exercise and activities (Eye exercise, counting beans, etc) and group talks which aim to challenge negative thinking and encourage positive behaviour. The center also promotes art, drama, music & dance. Students are encouraged to ask questions, listen and explore different solutions and take responsibility for their actions. To further encourage productivity, students are walked through the process of starting a micro-business and are given six months work experience upon graduation.

Intake starts NOW!

International Director & Co-founder Raj Ridvan Singh said that SOLS 24/7 team was passionate about empowering youth with life skills to enable them to understand and solve life’s challenges and employment skills to help them break the cycle of poverty and become productive members of society.

“We provide education for youths who are searching to live the best possible life” he said.
Current operating training centers are located in Cambodia (GDI), Timor Leste and now Malaysia. So far more then 26,000 youths have graduated from SOLS 24/7’s training in academic, job, leadership and life skills education.

The programs concept is inspiring in its efficiency and effectiveness and has become a beacon of light to those searching for a balanced, holistic system of living life. The pulse of the program lies in a committed team of high level expertise and experienced individuals, dedicated to the holistic education and long-term development of youths throughout Southeast Asia.

The SOLS 24/7 team consists of founder, co-founders, directors and full-time national & international volunteers from Japan, Malaysia, England, Cambodia, Singapore and Timor leste.To cooperate or to get a more in-depth understanding of the organisation, you can check out our brochure or contact Raj Ridvan Singh at or +6012 6398 442.

“We are Fashioned for GREATNESS!”
“Youths can Change the World with Guidance from Adults”Help them discover their potential and enrich your life in the process.

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