Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Whizzing By

Dear Diary,

I’ve had so many things up that I haven’t really had the time to update. Last week was crazy with 3 major projects due – Facilities, Operations Management and Engineers in Society. The bulk of the work was from the Facilities project. Initially, it was overwhelming but as we went along and figured out our way, the project was do-able. And seeing that most of us were going home for the weekend, there was urgency to finish everything by Thursday.

I was home for exactly 31 hours!! It was so short but nothing beats coming home. Got my sister to bake chocolate chip cookies for Ah Kie’s birthday party and mummy dearest made my favourite chicken curry! So yummy!!

Saturday was spent on Ah Kie’s birthday party with so many people. Had a really awesome time meeting the rest of the gang. We continued the celebration with dinner at La Bodega in Pavillion. Then instead of heading back to Ah Kie’s straight, I hung out at Hobbes, where I watched the youtube of Veyron, discussed music, Imogen Heap, movies etc etc. Oh, Hobbes even lent me a book, Bone which I totally dig! Wish it wasn’t so heavy so I could bring it along for class to read during boring lectures. :P

This week will be spent on completing the draft of my thesis which is due on Friday. And I’m really sorry for not being in touch with some of you (and you know who you are). Work was extremely stressful especially last week, pretty tensed too. So I didn’t come across as friendly or borderline pissy even, and I’m really sorry. I feel awful bout it but I’m pretty hopeless at multitasking especially when the projects are humongous with deadlines screaming at my face. But good ol’ Ohkulala is back. It feels good to be back too.

It’s the last week of the semester. Gosh, time really flies. Come Friday, it is officially my last day of my FINAL semester AND 2nd may also marks exactly 5 years I’ve been in Cowboy Town Uni. Part of me feels happy coz it marks another milestone in my life that I am coming to an end of my uni life (Cowboy Town Uni makes you feel that way, especially with its location). A part of me feels sad to leave this place as it holds so many memories of new friends, adventures, experiences and most importantly, of growing up. *Thoughtful*


Queer Ranter said...

You know what! I forgot to bring the cookies here. :(

Ohkulala said...

oh, i tot you left at home for your mum and dad. hehe

Sanjeev said...

well said :)
and i miss u for dinner aft iron man
chok and tong jr (tong wen jie's bro) wanted to go back earlier

enjoy ur AIM