Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gifts and Presents Part 1

The Gift

Buying gifts for a loved one, family and friends is no easy task. A lot of time and thought goes into choosing a gift. You want to buy something the other person will want, appreciate and like, not something you as the buyer like. I feel the best presents are those of something a person needs and can make use of. A painter can also do with an extra set of brushes. But also make sure it is a suitable gift. Buying a handphone for someone who just got the new iPhone would be redundant.

Some of the best presents I received are one of the simplest kinds. A cute mug reminding how high I get with caffeine. A brown shawl I once hated because I didn’t like its colour which now I never leave without because it is small, fits snugly into my handbag and keeps me really warm during my late nights out. A watch which a dear friend picked out. It is not just any watch, it was of the design I like, square face, small and of a metal strap, that friend had excellent memory about what I mentioned a long time ago about how I choose my watches. And the timing was perfect because I lost my watch while shopping in Bangkok. The unexpected trip to the optometrist to get a new pair of glasses (I could pick anything my heart desires) from my mother for helping her out. books to read when my eyes were giving me problems from too much exposure to the computer so I could read and still be entertained instead of watching my series. A pair of chopsticks to represent me and you and without the other, the chopstick is useless.

Back in high school, my best friends and I gave cards on Valentine's Day to one another, hand-made cards with notes of thanks for always being there through everything and how much I appreciate having them around. I have kept all the cards and notes I have received over the years and whenever I feel nostalgic, I dig them up and read them. Some puts a smile of my face, a few gets me bursting with laughter and the really touching ones, tears. I can still identify a card from the handwriting. I also see the progression we made as we grow up, the cards become less child-like and more mature with time. And I hope that my words warm their hearts they way they did mine.

I’ll come up with some ideas and suggestions on pressies tmrw. Stay tuned~


Aronil said...

Haha i feel your pain for that. i really hate buying stuff for guys the most. Even worse is when you consider buying one thing for close family members or friends then suddenly you realise.. crap.. i should buy for others too :P

Ohkulala said...

hahaha... so very true. now, whoever said buying gifts were a piece of cake?