Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Sexy Men

Queer Ranter tagged me on this: Compose a list of your top ten sexiest famous men (if you're a girl) or women (if you're a guy).

Picking out a top 10 did bring upon this reflex movement: Fingers in motion to my head *scratch*scratch*. All because I don’t exactly drool over men especially the famous ones. They are beyond reach (both in terms of distance and chance meeting) so what’s the point of wasting saliva on them right? *laughs* But I guess there have been some who did linger a second longer therefore allowing me to recollect somewhat an impression.

So here are my men, those who stayed and made watching them in a movie or show or performing a song more entertaining. Who said good looks didn’t count? Oooh… hot bodies earn them extra brownie points too.

Patrick Dempsey
McDreamy in his scrubs looks uber hawt in his after five shadow. Those innocent eyes dances with my heart strings in Grey’s Anatomy.

Patrick Dempsey

Wentworth Miller
Michael Scoffield who brought intelligence, calm, composure in executing one of the most brilliant and best planned prison escape in Prison Break.

Wentworth Miller 92

Keanu Reeves
The Matrix star and When Something’s Gotta Give with his chameleon ability to change characters. It is his sheepish smile that steal hearts.

keanu reeves

James Marsden
Prince Charming looking for his true love in Enchanted and the brilliant wedding reporter in 27 Dresses. He’s got this magnetic charm that glues you to watch him.

James Marsden

Tom Cruise
Everyone’s Sweetheart.

Tom Cruise

Brad Pitt
Sexiness with his mere presence. Hot hot hot body. The only woman I’m jealous of is Angelina Jolie. She better keep him good or I’ll snatch him the moment he’s available.

Brad Pitt

Mark McGrath
“Every Morning” things “Falls Apart” with Sugar-honey-chocolate chip-maple syrup-coated-Ray’s lead singer.

Mark McGrath

Chace Crawford
He who plays Nate Archibald with the sea blue eyes that goes on and on. I even wrote about him in my post on Gossip Girl.

chace crawford 1

Josh Holloway
Sawyer of Lost – you either love him to hate him to bits. I love his bad boy look packed with a solid body, hates his gut in Lost.


Last but not least, my number ONE sexiest man is Chad Michael Murray.
Crush at first sight watching Freaky Friday. The best lover, friend, brother, uncle, basketball coach you will ever find in One Tree Hill. A solid writer who sees the best in everyone, always there to lend a hand, a shoulder to cry on, the support you need when everything goes wrong. And if you dare cross him, you need to deal with me first. *hhmpph*

chad michael murray

I’m tagging Shira Koala, Whoopsy Daisy and Rockaholics Anonymous.


cybermate said...

Nice choices... :)

Jim said...

they are all very.. handsome yes.. but pretty hairy huh?
even the supposedly bald one turn out to be quite hairy already! :P

ah, pretty boys pretty boys!

Shira-chan said...

hee, eye candy~!

omg, I got tagged? *runs off to hunt for pics* XD

Ohkulala said...

cybermate: thanks :)

jim: i dunno la, i actually have a thing for guys with hair, more macho and sexy.

shira-chan: eye candies for feasting

i dont know if anyone realised this but most men i featured are actually from shows - shows i watch! there's GA, Lost, PB and GG. tells a lot bout my idea of hot men huh.

ayesha sha sha sha said...

chad micheal murray is mine..~ =p..