Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is super addictive. When I first heard of the show from Ah Hua, I immediately dismissed it. Basically, it is yet another high school drama focusing on a bunch of teenagers with their social life and problems, some pretty boys, some pretty girls, lots of fancy clothes and big houses but of broken homes etc etc. I think I pretty much described all teenaged shows on TV.

However, due to the American Press Association strike (which thankfully has ended), all my favourite shows have been put to a complete stop. No more McDreamy and Wisteria Lane stories for me. I did get started on a new show, How I Met Your Mother which I absolutely and totally love because it is real, with solid characters, those you love and those you love to hate. However, I finished watching all 3 seasons in less than 1 month which lead me back to my original problem, no shows to watch.

So with the lack of options, I had no choice but to turn to Gossip Girl. I mean, it can’t be that bad isn’t it? I did survive 1 season of O.C and One Tree Hill is awesome. So last Friday after my shopping trip, I downloaded the pilot and watched it right before I slept. And it was alright, cute guys, no wait, HOT guys to boot!

After that, I got hooked to the show. There are only 13 episodes available (again due to the strike) and I finished watching everything in 3 days! I remember the 2nd night I was watching the show, I got up to the fifth episode and then DC++ (the uni’s P2P network of sheer illegal piracy) went Poof! I was so frustrated, the tension, the drama, the suspense was so intense that I was short of screaming, pulling my hair out, gritting my teeth to know what will happen in the next episode.

So here’s the glue, the magnetic force so strong that I finished watching everything so fast. The good looking cast is well, superb looking. Yes, the show is exactly like any other teenaged shows but the hot boys are definitely appealing to my eyes. *laughs*. Gosh, now I sound like a complete bimbo. So feast your eyes the same way I feast mine :)

blake lively 1

She's Blake Lively who plays Serena. In case you're wondering how come she's featured here, well, its coz i think she's hot too and I love her voice. It is a lil rough, like someone with a slight sore throat, it is so sexy.

blake lively 2
Serena again

chace crawford 1

This is Crace Crawford who play's Nathaniel Archibald aka Nate who was dating then not dating and now again dating, hang on, they broke up again, with Blair, Serena's best friend.

chace crawford 2
Aahh... those soulful blue eyes

Penn Bradgley plays Dan Humphrey who had a crush on Serena since forever and finally dates her. He's like the sweetest guy, warm, matured, caring and yet doesn't over do it. Phew... or else he'll end up being Mr Nice Guy.

And last but not least, this is Matthew Settle who plays Rufus Humphrey, Dan's father who btw used to date Serena's mother those days. He looks real good despite his age, hunky, a melt-your-heart smile, romantic and makes the best waffles too :)So how can I not like him? Ooohhh.... if only I can get a life partner who'll grow up gracefully the way Rufus did. *laughs*

matthew settle 1


Queer Ranter said...

Me want Dan. Me want Chuck! Me want Nate!

CRAPPED!! said...

I choose Blake...

Hmm...not much choice left for guys, huh?

Ohkulala said...

QR: i only want dan coz he's so nice!!! nate only coz he's cute. and hell no way with chuck.

Crapped: Hey, you dropped by my blog!! Yay! Yeah, its more for a girl's feast than boys. too bad la. hope you're doing great :)