Monday, May 5, 2008

Anugerah Industri Musik (AIM 15) - Full Coverage

The weekend was a blast! Remember how I mentioned i'm going for the AIM? Well, the Anugerah Industri Muzik was awesome from the very beginning starting with the pre-party to the post party.

Le invitation

There were 4 of in all, two from Fly Fm, Adibah and myself and two more from Hot FM, Liza and Firdaus. As part of our win, we got to pick out our attires which were sponsored by Little Black Book and Jefferson (for Firdaus), a makeover, walk the red carpet with the DJs, sit through the event at VIP seats and attend the post party! The words nice does not even come close to describing the coolness of all this.

I’ve broken down to post to 3 parts. Here is goes:


Friday 2nd May 2008: It was every girls dream come true to walk into a boutique and try on dress after dress before picking on one. Little Black Book had a pretty wide selection of dresses, all very pretty, I was spoilt for choice. I tried on at least 15 dresses before I settled down on my final choice. Being small and skinny was a huge disadvantage as I had trouble finding clothes that fits. Size M is wayyy too big for me; I look like I’m swimming in it. I was initially a little hesitant with my final choice simply because it screams ME all over it. A very typical dress I would have picked out except that I was hoping to go for a different look that night. But I figured it is best I feel comfortable with what I’m going to wear since ill be in it for a few hours.

Among the many dresses I tried

Saturday 3rd May 2008 (3-6pm): Make-overs at Sri Pacific Hotel :).

All of us after the makeover

Right before leaving for the party


This is when all the excitement truly starts. We were brought to the VIP lounge where everyone was chilling out before they walk in. Met an old friend Fabian from Radio Icon who now works for Fly Fm. We did not waste any time here, took shots with who we could get a hold of.

My date for the night was Phat Fabes who looked smashing with his coat and vest.

Fabes and I

Adibah’s date is Ben (who is so cute btw, his pictures do not do him justice).

Ben and I

AA from Singapore. He’s so adorable and tall. Was sweet enough to sing for us his oh-so-famous Sayang Sayang song.

Farahwaheeda, Liza and I

Andy of Estranged. He is So Cute and tall. *heart melting like chocolate*


Vinder (who has yet to master the art of smiling)


Pop Shuvit and Estranged

Elaine Daly (she’s so pretty)

Jules who hosts the Night Flight with Prem on Fly FM

Walking down the blue carpet (to reflect Celcom which is a sponsor of the event) with Fabes is pretty cun. I had my one minute of fame smiling at the cameras who went flashing like crazy.

My seat was 4th row from the font, Woo Hoo!! Fabes is funny and really nice to talk to. He kept us laughing whenever he teases Adibah Amin whom I think did a great job hosting the event with Adlin Shauki. They were witty and entertaining throughout. The things that went on during the commercial breaks with her saying “I love Faizal Tahir” and “He’s so cute” left the crowd in stitches.

* * *
Ben: Do any of you blog? Coz I came across your post on the event
Ohkulala: I do blog. You did? *I think my eyes were gonna pop out*
*reality striked, I ain’t famous, only those who knows me reads my blog so he probably got the wrong person*
So I asked a few more questions and confirmed it was my blog indeed! *cloud nine*
* * *

Faizal Tahir had great showmanship with his flying act and Superman shirts. Pop Shuvit ended the night with a bang. Their performance was very fancy with the whole stage appearance, clowns, fire eaters etc. Kudos to them for winning the Anugerah Kembara which acknowledges Malaysian artists who bring their music abroad. Pop Shuvit were number 1 in Japan beating Linking Park (info courtesy of Fabes), now don’t you feel proud?

Post Party

Food was provided but I barely ate with all the excitement. Took more photos. Such a camwhore. Hehe

Din of Estranged. Love the hair dude

Anuar Zain


I heart Estranged. Felt so privileged coz not many got pictures with them (thanks Vinder)

The Biggest winner of the night – Faizal Tahir

I think I slept with a smile and this image plastered on my face. There is no way I can forget all the glamour and glitz of the star studded weekend :). I must say I felt a certain sense of pride for the artists, singers and bands. It is not easy to break through and make it in this competitive industry in Malaysia. Some of them are yet to be on par with the international artists but give them time and I’m positive they will grow, develop and bloom in due time. Congratulations to all the winners of AIM. And a very big Thank You to Fly Fm and Reen who was in-charged of us winners. Today, I have one more event I can talk about, beautiful memories and another story to tell my kids one day. Hehe…

Augerah Industri Muzik and I

PS: Being the camwhore I am, these are not all the photos of the nite. You can view more pics here.


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SaKuRa@yinhwa said...

i know u've heard me saying this, for the, like, a millionth times, but let me say this for the one millionth and one time, u're look so gorgeous!n u're so so so so so lucky! with all the handsome guys n pretty girls~~

Ohkulala said...

Qi Hua: I'm really thankful with my my luck :)

Sakuara: Thank you so much dear. You're making me blush!!

v|nder said...

u do realize that MOST rockers in the pics are either not smiling or half smiling? i am jz one of them. muahahahaha.

Ah Sha said...

Yea, not many ppl would get to experience this! And woohoo babe! you look like a hot celebrity yourself :D

Pinky said...

O.o ... u won something from Fly FM? But it seems u enjoyed urself lots! And nice dress! I think it really suits u well... =)

Ohkulala said...

vinder: ok la, ill let the whole rockers dont smile thing slide this time around. give you face la. hehe

ah sha: it's an awesome experience, am so so so glad and happy i got to go. and thank you :)

pinky: i did like my dress. was happy i didnt look like a barbie doll in it :p

la.leche said...

Just thought you should know that I so understand why it was an unforgettable weekend for you :) AIM15 was so much fun!

Ohkulala said...

le.leche: thanks!

[YeOp] said...

u tried 15 dresses? wow~ y not 27? 27 dresses! hahaha~ like in the movie. oppss.. cut the crap.. lol

i feel sooooo jealous looking at ur pictures with the celebrities. argh~ hahaha!

p/s: i didn't watch AIM15. i was in ipoh that night. hehe.

Ohkulala said...

27?? Wah, that would be a tad too many. Even with 15 i had a hard time deciding.

Anonymous said...

we had a most amazing nite... hehehe... anyway,nice 2 meet u...keep in touch... ^_^ -adibah-